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How to Make Career in Child Care Courses

If you love being around children and if you want to take part in child’s development and want them to become a better person then childcare is the right path for you. But the question is that how to make a career in childcare courses? Well, there are many courses available if you want to be a childcare professional.

you need at least the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education  or a similar qualification and skills certificate to work as childcare worker in long day looking after aged 0-5 years kids.

The CHC30113 Certificate 3 in early childhood education and care is perfect for the people who want to start a career in early childhood settings, as well as for those who are already working in the area but who need to formalize their qualification to take the next step in their career. The certificate 3 in early childhood education and care will prepare you to start a career in childcare. This will help educators to provide a healthy safe and caring environment for children.  This is shorter in duration than Diploma. It is the most popular courses undertaken in this area, with certificate 3 in early childhood education and care is being the common entry into the career.

At least half of all carers in a childcare centre must also take higher courses like the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. This means that demand for further education from hiring managers has risen as well.

A diploma in early childhood education and care is more in-depth than a child care certificate course. It provides a detailed background of training in childcare.  This is for the ones who become the early childhood educators and it specifically teaches you how to design and apply the approved learning frameworks in a childcare facility or centre while working within the requirements imputed by the education and care services national regulations, as well as the national quality standard.

This course is also available online so you can conveniently and at your own pace.

You have up to 24 months to complete the diploma in early childhood education and care.

Both of these courses incorporate a large hands-on work placement to help you develop skills in child care, while the theoretical components of the course can be done online at your own pace.

Some of the child care tasks that you have to perform are:

  • Guiding the social behaviour of children
  • Conducting recreational and educational activities
  • Promoting good hygiene in kids
  • Assisting in the operations of a child care centre
  • Designing and implementing child development programs
  • Ensuring a safe work, study, and play environment

Child care professionals also have some basic skills that you will learn in that child care training process:

  • Training and teaching
  • Good oral communication
  • Problem sensitivity
  • Customer service
  • Administration and management

There are some regulations that you should know as a child care worker:

  • Childhood educators need at least a certificate III qualification in education and care
  • At least 50% of educators in a long day care and preschool must have or be working towards a diploma level qualification in education and care
  • Early childhood teacher must be available for minimum 20% of the time spent providing child care services, depending on the size of the childcare centre
  • A ratio of 1 educator to 4 children of up to 24 months in age maximum
  • A ratio of 1 educator to 5 children between 25 and 35 months of age maximum
  • A ratio of 1 educator to 11 children between 36 months and preschool or kinder age

Professional and career-oriented training like the Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care will make you capable and perfect to work in childcare. Advanced courses including the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care may be needed to get higher management jobs.


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