5 Useful Tips to Treat Flea Bites on Humans in 2018

5 Useful Tips to Treat Flea Bites on Humans in 2018

If there is a flea infestation in your house, it is really challenging to avoid being beaten by them. Fleas are so cunning that they can dwell in many hidden areas like curtains, beddings, mattress and so on. Either you are sleeping or playing with your pets, fleas can escape your notice and suck your blood. Here are some useful tips to treat flea bites on humans that you should learn by heart.

Here are 5 tips to treat flea bites

As far as we are concerned, flea bites cause itchy, and that is the reason why you often scratch. However, scratching is completely not good because it can make your bites wider. Take this very seriously because the open bites may become an “open door” for dangerous virus. To avoid scratching, you must know how to reduce itchiness immediately.

1) Wash the infected areas with warm, soapy water

There are some wrong opinions saying that the hotter the water is, the more bacteria it can kill. In fact, if you use too hot water, your skin can be burned and lose water, then your skin will be more vulnerable than ever.

According to some research, the best water’s temperature is around 44oC. It is not compulsory for you to reach that temperature, but approximately is recommended. In addition to warm water, you can combine fresh water with one antiseptic liquid in order to have the best effect.

2) Apply ice to the flea bites

Water Frozen Freezer Ice Fridge Cold

Next, you should take advantage of some small cubes of ice. Open your refrigerator, take out a few cubes and wrap them in a piece of cloth. Apply this cloth to your skin for about ten minutes. After ten minutes, let your skin relax a little bit. Wait another ten minutes, and repeat once more. Your bites can be better clearly.

Warning! : Never apply ice directly to your bites without cloth or something because it can burn your soft skin.

3) Use medicine to reduce itchiness

On the market, there are several drugs which help you reduce itchiness and swell such as Hydrocortisone or Calamine lotion. Go to the drugstore and tell the seller about your symptoms; you will get what you want. Before you apply any drug, don’t forget to strictly follow the instruction. Don’t hesitate to stop using if you have an allergy or severe side effects.

4) Utilize Aloe Vera

Bless You Plant Life Aloe Aloe Vera

Putting aside some chemicals, you also can consider some natural ingredients. For a long time, Aloe Vera has been known as a “magic” skin food that brings a perfect skin for each and every woman. However, not many people acknowledge that it helps to reduce itchy and swell effectively.

Cut a rich Aloe Vera leaf and rub its gel directly onto your flea bites. You needn’t wait too long to see a positive result. Because of being multi-functional plants, why don’t you plant them in your own garden?

5) Bath with green tea


Although green tea is said to have many good elements to protect your skin, it seems to only have good effects for some specific persons. Consequently, you should give a bath with green tea a couple of times to know whether green tea is or is not right for you.

To sum up

A variety of solutions, ranging from medicals to natural methods, are available for you to choose. Keep in your mind that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Maybe this method is for your brother, but not for you. Just take time to try and find out an effective flea treatment for yourself.


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