6 Things to Share Before Outsourcing Your Rails App

6 Things to Share Before Outsourcing Your Rails App

This blog is intended for beginners who need to begin with a Rails application starting with no outside help. It doesn’t accept that you have any related knowledge with Rails.


Rails is a web application framework running on the Ruby programming dialect. On the off chance that you have no related knowledge with Ruby, you will locate an exceptionally soak expectation to learn and adapt jumping straight into Rails. There are several curated arrangements of online resources for learning Ruby:

  • Official Ruby Programming Language site
  • List of Free Programming Books

What is Rails?

Rails is a web application development framework written in the Ruby programming dialect. It is intended to make programming web applications less demanding by making assumptions about what each developer needs to begin. It enables you to compose less code while achieving more than numerous different dialects and frameworks. Experienced Rails developers additionally report that it makes web application development more fun.

Rails are stubborn programming. It makes the presumption that there is a “best” approach to get things done, and it’s intended to energize that way – and at times to dishearten options. On the off chance that you take in “The Rails Way” you’ll most likely find an enormous increment in profitability. In the event that you endure in conveying old propensities from different dialects to your Rails development, and endeavoring to utilize designs you adapted somewhere else, you may have a less glad experience.

The Rails rationality incorporates two noteworthy directing standards:

  • Don’t Repeat Yourself: DRY is a guideline of programming development which expresses that “Each bit of learning must have a solitary, unambiguous, definitive portrayal inside a framework.” By not composing similar data, again and again, our code is more viable, more extensible, and less carriage.
  • Convention over Configuration: Rails has suppositions about the most ideal approach to do numerous things in a web application, and defaults to this arrangement of conventions, as opposed to necessitating that you indicate particulars through perpetual setup documents.

In the course of the most recent 13 years, we’ve cooperated with many companies in different businesses to make, revamp, and keep up Rails applications of every kind imaginable. Through these differing projects, we’ve realized what data is useful for potential development groups to know before starting an outsourced Rails partnership.

Before you enlist any outside developers to construct or keep up your Ruby on Rails application, here are six things to impart to your potential dev accomplice about your project and business first. This will set you up for the best partnership going ahead.

Non-Technical Things to Share


There’s a considerable measure of data to deal with when you first begin assembling your site, and now and again it can get somewhat overpowering. You’ll go over a cluster of acronyms, and technical expressions, and language you’ve never known about. What’s more, sooner or later (particularly in case you’re not a site coder or creator), you may end up asking things like, “What amount of this technical stuff do I truly need to know in any case? Is this value the cerebral pain? Don’t they have an application or module for that now? Wouldn’t I be able to simply contact my facilitating supplier in the event that I have technical issues or inquiries concerning that?” and so forth.

Albeit ongoing advances in innovation have made it so you don’t really require a considerable measure of technical know-how to make a site, there are as yet a couple of technical things you’ll need to be acquainted with when constructing and keeping up a site.

An experienced Rails development accomplice can highly affect your business – as long as they understand what you’re attempting to achieve with your application.

When we start a partnership with another customer, we set aside the opportunity to understand their plan of action, how the particular application we may chip away at adds to their business, and what their run of the mill clients or clients resemble. This data will shape future choices we make inside the application, regardless of whether it’s a JavaScript framework decision or an outline choice.

Consider the accompanying inquiries in relation to this application inside your business:

  • What is your long-haul plan for keeping up this application?
  • What is your financial plan for this project?
  • What do you need your group to gain from working with an outside group?
  • How high of a need is this project inside your organization in spending plan and time?

If a potential subordinate can hop on your project and start coding without some understanding of your business, you should take that with a grain of salt. It might be a speedier onboarding process to start with, however may at last prompt more “re-dos” down the line.


Deadlines are vital for helping you accomplish both vast and little objectives.

Be that as it may, you want in a split second discover accomplishment in the realm of business by simply setting self-assertive deadlines for the majority of your projects. Your deadlines need to set you up for progress—they should be vital.

Deadlines are intended to enable you to draw nearer to your objectives consistently, week and month in a way that keeps you encountering little wins en route, instead of essentially painting gigantic target months away from that just adds to your feelings of anxiety. We have taken in this the most difficult way possible through the span of years, so now vital deadlines are a centerpiece of my chance administration framework.

Indeed, even still, for the vast majority, a couple of things cause stress, stress, and frenzy as much as deadlines.

Few out of every odd development accomplice moves at a similar speed, so it’s imperative to choose one that understands your inner deadlines and will progress in the direction of them. Obviously, you’ll have to think about any approaching deadlines while meeting a potential outsourced development group.

Think down the line of your project in relation to your business – What times of the year would you say you are occupied? Do you go to any public expos or meetings where you commonly make a big appearance new highlights? Is it accurate to say that you are looking for outside speculation at any point in the near future? It is safe to say that you are planning any declarations later on that rely on certain application usefulness?

It isn’t constantly reasonable to know deadlines a year ahead of time inside your business, however, it’s useful to share any that you think about in early discussions with potential dev groups.


Partners give your business commonsense and money related help. They widen the pool of individuals who care about the prosperity of your organization, making you less alone in your enterprising work. Partners can run from representatives to steadfast clients and financial specialists. Taking care of business, the relationship between a business and its partners is advantageous and solid. Even from a pessimistic standpoint, this relationship depends on clashing requests and interests and settles on basic leadership upsetting and moderate.

It ought to be nothing unexpected that the more partners are associated with a development project, the slower moving the project progresses toward becoming. While it’s essential to ensure the fundamental individuals are on top of it about what’s going on, it likewise knows who needs to really be associated with specific advances.

There ought to be a more involved contact (or two) on the customer side that will be in charge of favoring tickets, reacting to request from the organization side developers or project manager, and for the most part, keeping things moving along every day.

If there are higher amount managers that need to know where the project is at from a more zoomed-out point of view, facilitate with your outsourced development group to concur on how this will occur. Will these extra partners sit in on the month to month exhibitions? Would it be a good idea for them to get week after week or month to month spending refreshes from the organization’s PM?

The more sorted out your interior group is when working with your outside developers, the faster your project will move along. In projects that we’ve seen that move slower than anticipated, disarray on partner jobs and absence of correspondence inside the customer’s group has truly been a factor.

Technical Things to Share

Technical aptitudes or technical dialect alludes to the abilities or phrasings that are typically best comprehended by individuals who represent considerable authority in that field or territory.

It is safe to say that you are working on 80% or 8% test inclusion on your Rails application? This measurement is imperative for any potential development accomplice to know.

First of all, test inclusion will be enter in assessing take a shot at your application. Any legitimate development group will incorporate new testing with your application through the continuous mix, which may include returning and fixing existing holes in test inclusion for a more steady application going ahead. Assuming control over an application with not as much as stellar test inclusion could twofold the time it takes to fabricate new highlights.

Without considerable test inclusion, it’s hard to know whether new highlights incorporated with your Rails source code may break other existing bits of code. Satisfactory test inclusion is additionally an essential for specific bits of the development procedure like Ruby and Rails adaptation redesigns.

At the point when your application’s test inclusion is as of now fit as a fiddle, any developers you contract to enhance your application can work with certainty realizing that the tests have them secured.

This inquiry is identified with another that your potential dev accomplice will probably ask – who chipped away at this application previously, and what’s your relationship with this developer or group now? As a group that takes a shot at numerous heritage Rails applications, we generally ask who has chipped away at a current application previously – an independent developer, inside colleague, or another organization. It’s likewise useful to know your present relationship with that developer and whether the scaffold is scorched. On account of a crisis inside the application, it might be useful to connect with the previous developer for help.


When utilizing certain PC application projects, for example, a word processor, a report is the unit of spared work. Each report is spared as a remarkably named record. In the PC business, documentation is the data gave to a client or different clients about an item or the way toward setting it up.

What kinds of documentation do you have for your Ruby on Rails project? The degree of what’s normal relies on to what extent your application has been near.

For a current Ruby on Rails application, how careful is your documentation on the application up until now? For instance, do you have documentation on the best way to set up the application? In your initial discussions with the group will’s identity chipping away at your application, you’ll likely handle inquiries regarding the present condition of the application’s documentation. This is vital for estimations on new element works inside the application, as the more it takes a developer to set up and get comfortable with the application, the more it will take to convey on new ticket things.

For another Rails application, how careful is your project documentation for new highlights and the arrangement for the project? When conversing with potential customers previously, we’ve seen everything from a passage of duplicate to twelve-page archive and a full JIRA board. There is certainly not a set in the stone measure of documentation, however, an application with less documentation may require more discussions toward the start of the partnership to recognize needs and first to-dos, while more intensive documentation makes it less demanding to waste no time.


If you have any well-informed colleagues who have started the deal with this project, what technical choices have they officially made for this application? This might be framework decision, facilitating decision, or outsider incorporations for the application that have just been acquired.

While it might be sufficiently early in the item development that specific choices can be changed, it’s essential to impart these decisions to your potential development group. On the off chance that you’ve picked a less-well known framework, does your outer development group have experience working in that framework? Have they incorporated with your outsider instruments previously? Because a development group is new to a specific device doesn’t imply that they’re unequipped for working with it, yet it might take more time to get up to speed before you see expectations.

In case you’re thinking about outsourcing your Rails application development to an outer group, the inquiries above will enable you to choose the privilege dev accomplice and start the relationship on the best note.

Furthermore, obviously, in case you’re searching for another development group to deal with your Rails application, we’d love on the off chance that you considered the Planet Argon group. Snap underneath to plan a fast, 25-minute talk to check whether we may be a solid match.

What’s the condition of my application?

In case you’re searching for development resources for a current Rails application, what’s the flow condition of the application? How is the test inclusion? What form of Rails is it running? Is there a not insignificant rundown of bugs? The nature of the application could impact what sort of office you choose to contract. It will likewise give potential partners a practical take a gander at your application.

Things to ask a Potential Agency

Since you’ve inquired about many organizations, you likely need to experience a type of obtainment procedure to additionally qualify these groups and eventually pick the correct accomplice. You’ve booked a call with a couple to perceive what they’re about. Presently what would it be a good idea for you to ask them?

What does your timetable for starting another project resemble?

You likely have interior deadlines you have to meet. You need to pick a development organization who can enable you to meet them. In the event that you have a forceful course of events for completing certain development work, ask potential organizations early how soon they can begin.

What are some ballpark project or hourly rates?

You’ll likely observe an extensive variety of cost structures and gauges (particularly on the off chance that you take a gander at seaward versus inland development). Some value development per project while others charge a hourly rate. Our best guidance here is to do whatever it takes not to get hung up on sticker stun at first. A lower hourly rate doesn’t make a difference if the group accepts twice as long to finish the project as a more costly group – and they do it half also.

All things considered, you do need to pick an office that accommodates your financial plan, so it’s savvy to talk cash right off the bat in the discussion to abstain from squandering your opportunity on a group you can’t sensibly bear.

How would you convey about advancement and spending plan?

Straightforwardness is enter in a solid relationship with your development office. When we talk with companies that are changing far from another development accomplice, absence of straightforwardness is a typical reason they’re investigating new choices. When you’re burning through a huge number of dollars multi month with your organization, you have the right to know where your cash is going and to get results.

Ask every rail office how they convey about advancement on your application. In the event that you have to exhibit advance on projects to different partners in your organization, how might your development group help with that?

If the development office takes a shot at a retainer framework, it’s likewise useful for you to perceive how much advancement has been made on your month to month spending plan. This causes you plan for future work and guarantees you aren’t squandering cash with unused spending plan. Ask potential offices how they convey about spending plans with their customers.

What do you figure your group does especially well?

Only one out of every odd group does each sort of project well. Indeed, even organizations who represent considerable authority in Ruby on Rails projects have distinctive suppositions and inclinations on the kind of work they do. For instance, we don’t ordinarily collaborate with new businesses (here’s the reason) yet there are heaps of organizations out there that spend significant time in building MVPs. Our organization adores assuming control existing Rails applications, yet there are huge amounts of developers out there that modest far from heritage code.

Are your developers on location, remote, or seaward?

Many “US-based” Rails development offices outsource their development to different nations to lessen cost. This is useful in case you’re on a tight spending plan, yet in addition accompanies a few difficulties because of correspondence dormancy and openness to your dev group. On the off chance that office hour correspondence is critical, this is an interesting point.

Despite the fact that the business has progressed significantly with video conferencing, we’re “old fashioned” as in we understand how profitable face time can be for building up a decent relationship. In the event that a customer visits Portland for business or for the sake of entertainment, we need to take them out to lunch. What’s more, on the off chance that we visit a customer’s city for the equivalent, we’ll get together then as well. The majority of our developers are situated in our Portland, Oregon office with the alternative to work adaptably from home as required.

Would I be able to converse with a couple of your customers?

Try not to delay to request references from customers! An experienced office will have references accessible for you to contact. You’ll have a superior thought of how a group functions when you talk with the companies that have worked together with them previously.

Do their qualities line up with yours (and your company’s)?

In the event that you have an arrangement of qualities you hold fast to in your organization, it’s useful to band together with outer offices that offer those qualities. From the office point of view, we search out customers that offer a portion of our center qualities – interest, flexibility, and dependability, to give some examples. A common center esteem set doesn’t guarantee an immaculate partnership, yet it’s a useful establishment to manufacture one on.

Contracting the correct office for your Ruby on Rails application development is an extreme errand. In any case, a tad of planning and asking the correct inquiries can spare you time and worry all through the procedure.

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