7 Rules To Follow When Wearing Statement Jewellery

Wearing statement jewelry is fun, attractive and a great way to showcase your personal style. Fun and flirty or somber and impact, statement jewelry tells on your tastes, mood and is a great way to enhance any outfit – be it casual or formal.

Even work clothes can benefit from a hint of bling when done right. But statement jewellery, because of its size and striking aesthetic, can also easily result in a fashion miss.

‘How much is too much?’ is the question you need to ask when putting together your outfit. We cover the seven rules to follow in this statement jewellery guide so that your look never falters when flaunting your fashion style.  

1) Colourful Outfits Carry Monochrome Jewellery

Picking an outfit will depend on the size and impact of your jewellery. In case you are wearing a large jewel that is monotone, such as a beaten gold or silver necklace, you can play around with colours.

For example, a brightly coloured dress, a colour-block outfit or even louder prints can nicely offset a single-colour piece of jewellery.

2) Colourful Jewellery Needs A Subtle Backdrop

On the other hand, if your statement jewel is full of colour and pizazz, you might want to stick to simpler clothing choices. Let your statement jewellery have the starring role. Your outfit should be a well-coordinated backdrop.

Chic monochrome outfits look best against colourful large necklaces as per necklines, chunky bracelets or tasselled earrings. Wear colours that compliment the hues in your jewellery and, when in doubt, stick to neutral, muted shades.

3) Keep The Sparkle For Special Occasions

If you are lucky enough to have diamond or precious stone statement jewellery, it’s best to leave these big guns for a special outing.

Diamonds make for fabulous statement pieces, but a chunky necklace or heavy earrings may be out of place at an event other than a wedding or formal party, worn against a beautiful Indian outfit or gown.  

4) For Casual Wear, Go Big & Bold

Spruce up your everyday outfits with experimental styles. Play with a mix of materials and textures such as wood, beads, fabric and metals to add some oomph to a jeans and t-shirt outfit or a cute little linen dress.

Day outfits can really benefit from the colour and life that statement jewellery adds. A fabulous pair of statement earrings or a brightly beaded bracelet can lend a personal edge to your entire ensemble.


5) Check The Time Of Day

Statement jewellery worn in the day should differ from the pieces you wear after the sun goes down. On a date or to a party at night, choose richly-hued jewels in deep tones or in metal to complement an alluring evening outfit with dramatic makeup.

For daywear, play around with lighter colours in bright or pastel shades, matched with natural make-up and fun, casual outfits.

6) Don’t Go Overboard With Jewels

When it comes to statement jewellery, it’s easy to get carried away. Remember that big and bold is better, but less is also more. Confused? Let’s put it this way: choose one standout jewel for your outfit.


Don’t overburden yourself with a funky necklace, chunky earrings and clunky bracelets. Wear one amazing statement jewel and choose more low-key add-ons for a refined, classy look.

7) Choose Work Jewels Wisely

Give Monday to Friday a dose of style with some carefully chosen statement pieces. A impactful necklace in gold or thick cuff in silver or bronze doesn’t have to be out of place with formal work clothes. Choose more subtle styles of jewellery – metals usually work best – to add a bit of style from 9 to 5.

Statement jewellery is a great way to make your outfit pop. Whether expensive stones like diamonds and rubies and precious metals like gold and silver or quirky designs in fabric and ribbon or wood and copper, statement jewellery always makes an impact and is great to show off your stylishness. Stick to these seven simple tips to make sure your outfits are always on point.  


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