8 Latest Trends for Women Over 40: Looking Posh and Chic in Midlife

8 Latest Trends for Women Over 40: Looking Posh and Chic in Midlife

Once you hit a certain age, you may feel that being trendy or looking chic and in-style is a thing of the past. I mean, we all remember how our grandmas dressed; it wasn’t fashionable! However, being 40 or older, is not the same as it once was generations ago. Women over 40 have so many trendy, posh clothing choices that looking good in mid-life is completely possible.


These 8 latest trends are especially great for women over 40 who want to stay up to date with their fashion appearance and do it with flare.

1.    Go with a Shift Dress

When the warm weather rolls around, or if you live in a warm climate all year long, you want to stay cool, comfortable and yet look well put together. A perfect choice to tick all these boxes is the shift dress. Not only will you have a little bit of breathing room, but Latest12 Trends for Women Over 40they are available in many patterns and colors, which will compliment your own personal tastes.

This dress style has been a favorite shape since the 1960’s and with good reason. It is a flattering dress for most every body shape and doesn’t reveal unwanted areas you may be conscious of. The key is to wear it without looking frumpy. You can do this by choosing one with a slight cinch in the waist, giving you a little shape and choosing an alternative neckline such as offtheshoulder or tie-up straps.

2.    Jeans with a Side Stripe

Looking trendy and chic in a pair of jeans couldn’t be easier than with this style of jean pants. Choose an interesting color or wash of denim with the chunky side stripe added to the length of your leg and you will be stepping out in style. The thick stripe running the entire length of your leg will give the illusion of length and streamlining. Pair these pants with a flat shoe and a simple shirt so that the focus is the side stripe of your jeans. This look works best with a fitted, tapered jean or jegging style pant and especially well with cropped ankles or capri style pants.

3.    Don’t be Afraid of Color

IF you are choosing an interesting pair of pants, with a print or a side stripe as mentioned above, then do your best not to overdo it with a shirt which competes for the eye’s attention with bold pictures or patterns. Instead opt for a bright, solid color top. Wearing bright colors is very youthful for your appearance and gives your look a “pop” that stands out in a crowd and keeps you looking trendy and current. You can use this color to help decide which shoes or jewellery to go along with your complete outfit. Hot colors for summer include oranges and yellows.

4.    Embroidered Boots/Booties

With fall season fast approaching, you can start to consider what might be a great choice in footwear. The answer is embroidered boots. This is your opportunity to really let your creative, fun and funky fashion sense shine. There are so many patterns and colors to choose from both in-store and online, that you are sure to find ones you will love. Wearing these allows you to add a personal flare to your overall look without committing any fashion faux-pas and giving your outfit a chic, modern appeal. The heel should be on the chunky side and only about 1 to 2 inches in height, maximum. Wear these with a simple legging or jegging and a top in similar, solid coloring. Allow the embroidery of your booties be the focal point of your outfit.

5.    Layer Up Your Look

Layering doesn’t have to mean adding bulk to your appearance. If you prefer wearing youthful spaghetti strap tanks or form fitted t-shirts, you can add maturity and style to your look simply by layering. An open, flowing cardigan will not only add a little modesty to your youthful top, but also add flare and chic. You can choose something that flows beyond your waistline, even mid-thigh for a modern look. The cardigan you choose could be solid or even sheer, depending what top you are wearing and pants as well. Layering works well with tailored or tapered pants such as denims or leggings. Add a flat shoe to the outfit and you are ready to step out in style and comfort.

6.    Try Out the Boho Look

This is a fashion preference that not all women will enjoy, however, if you have loved the boho look in your younger days, you can still pull it off—just with a few tweaks! Go ahead and find yourself a ruched maxi skirt with patterns or colors that appeal to your preferences. Add a slim, fitted sleeveless top with rounded neckline and jean jacket over top to complete this put together, yet fun and trendy look. Keep it your age level by pairing this outfit with a flat shoe or sandal. You will step out the door looking youthful, yet not too youthful. The comfort of the maxi skirt will have you rushing out to buy more in different patterns and colors.

Add to this overall look using the right accessories. Some excellent choices include long chains with chunky colored stones or interesting pendants and earrings to match. If you opt for a deeper neckline, add in a colorful, cheerful scarf to keep the flow of the outfit.

7.    Spring into the Season with a Trench Coat

When spring rolls around, you can head out the door looking posh and chic in a colorful trench coat. For women over 40, a trench coat is one of those “must have” items in their closet. You can wear this to work as well as out to play. Choose a color that you enjoy and that will compliment your skin tone, not necessarily paired with one or two outfits since you will likely wear the trench coat with many different outfits.

When choosing a trench coat, there are many different styles to consider. You can add a few to your wardrobe to match your style of the day or your moods. Bright colors or chunky patterns add visual appeal, while sleeveless or ¾ length sleeve keep it a little cooler for all day wear. Textures are important as well, so you may wish to try a suede or velvet trench for your collection.

8.    Leggings are Your Friend

You don’t have to give up wearing your leggings once you hit your 40’s. Leggings are age appropriate for all ages. The key is how you wear them and what you choose to pair them with that will keep you looking posh and put together.

First, stick with dark, opaque leggings. Black is always best, but you can opt for navy as well. The key is not to attract the eye to your leggings necessarily but to your top, footwear and accessories. Pair up your leggings with a bottom-covering, flowing top with an interesting neckline, such as off-the-shoulder or even one shoulder. Be sure to choose a top that has a slight waist line to avoid looking sloppy or frumpy. Your footwear choices range from flats to heeled boots but try to stick with a dark color to match your leggings. This will give a slender, sleek appearance to your silhouette.

Being 40 doesn’t mean your fashion has to suffer. You can still walk out the door with your head held high, looking just as posh and chic as you did in your mid-twenties. In fact, the maturity that comes with being 40 allows you to care a little less what others think and more about what appeals to you, so go ahead and choose tops with bold colors and prints to accent your personality. With the right shoes, accessories and silhouette choices, your 40’s could be your trendiest years of fashion yet.

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