8 Advantages of having Granite Flooring in your home

8 Advantages of having Granite Flooring in your home

Natural stone has become just as popular as other forms of flooring. It has completely taken the market with its exceptional features. Before a couple of years, marble was the trending one among natural stone pavers. Now, it has got a competitor, and that is granite. 

Like other natural stone, granite also has some truly distinctive features. Its highly durable nature, low maintenance etc. are few of that. Today, many choose granite for flooring and for their gardens as it completely locks the moisture away. Below mentioned are eight qualities of granite, which makes it idyllic for home. 

What Makes Granite the Best?

Granite comes in a variety of options. There are many color schemes and patterns to choose from. They are so natural that you will not have to pour in all your money on it, just to make it look glamorous. It can add a sleek and elegant look to your home with a tint of antiquity. Back in the past, granite had been a part of all mansions and palaces. It has a ‘royal’ trait to it. 

Granite is ideal for kitchen counter tops. It will not lose its color even if it meets water and hot vessels. Heat does not damage the granite and thereby hot vessels do not leave any cut or crack on the surface. Doubtlessly, it will add more value to your home.

Lasts Way Too Long

Granite does not need frequent sealing or polishing to keep up its glow. It lasts for a long time even without polishing. Temperature and weather doesn’t tarnish the surface of granite. Therefore, you can completely trust it. Granite is best for wet areas as it is slip resistant. It locks moisture. Therefore, rain cannot have its go at the granite tile.

Allergies, Stay Out

Granite reduces the chances of contracting diseases due to allergies. You should not have to clean it frequently. Then, the rate of allergens inside the house can be reduced in a hasty way. Many pathogens breed in the dirty floor. Switching to granite can save you from a bunch of visits to the doctor. If anyone in the house has allergic problems, better change the flooring into granite. 

Too Many Options To Choose

The collection of granite is overwhelming. It comes in diverse range of colors and patterns. You can easily find a tile that will give you the feel that you were looking for. You can ask the natural stone supplier for details regarding each particular style and pattern. It should be kept in mind that each style of granite has its distinctive features. So pick the one that is the best.

Can Give A Classy Look To The House

Granite can impart an elegant feel to the house. It is very attractive and charming. Flooring does not serve just one function. It is the element, which decides the whole ambiance of the house. If you do not choose it right, then you cannot ever get the desired feel. Granite with its many forms and patterns can completely transform your house and make it stand apart. 

Granite Can Be Used Interior And Exterior As Well

Granite is popular for its slip resistant nature. It fully seals the moisture in leaving not a bit out. Thus, it is the best choice for walkways and garden. Even if it gets damp and wet, you will not have to fear injuries. You can pave granite in bathroom especially in that of kid’s. They cannot help being reckless, so the best thing you can do is to make it safe for them. You can choose it for garden. There are not many tiles, which work so fine in slippery areas. Granite can be used even as the kitchen counter top. It lasts quite long there, and does not break or lose its shine under any circumstances. 

Low Maintenance

The only thing that you need to clean up the granite floor is a smooth mop. You do not have to buy too many expensive materials to keep up its shine. Just make sure that the mop is smooth and is not too harsh on the surface. You will not have to polish it now and then either. Sealing is once in a while would be necessary, and that will be the only thing that you would be required to do for the flooring. 

Opting Granite Will Be A Good Investment. (Resale Value)

Choosing granite has more benefits than those mentioned above. How many of you know that buying granite is in fact a good investment? It has been seen that the houses, which had granite flooring, got much higher resale price than those, which did not had granite flooring. Thus, it is like investing your money, only to get a bigger price later in return. People are all buys investing their money in wherever they see a chance. Then why not invest it in a much safer place? So start your investment today. 

The Color Of Granite Never Fades (Kitchen Counter Top)  

Most of us have an apprehension in mind while purchasing flooring tiles. It is because we do see that day looming before us, when the tile will lose its color. However, if you choose granite, then there is no such question. It retains its color for like forever. Nothing can bring about a blemish on its vibrancy. How cheap is that? You buy the tile once, and it stays the same forever. Then why should we go looking for tiles other than granite? It is the most affordable option out there. So go grab it. 


Home is everyone’s dream. Moreover, everyone wants his or hers to be different and unique. They pick out the best materials out there and create a story, which they want to remain fresh forever. Granite remains unbeaten in the world of flooring. It is an investment with sure return. So contact your nearby natural stone supplier and inquire about granite and its properties. Buy the best and make the best. 

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