Associations to Stay Updated on Best HR certifications

Associations to Stay Updated on Best HR certifications

Sometimes we want to have insights from those people who are actually doing the same stuff or have gone through the same phase we are currently undergoing in our professional lives. Associations or groups are a great place for latest information, peer advice, and expert guidance on the certifications best for your industry, the corporations you must be applying for, and other such details. Lined-up here for you are such associations:

National Human Resources Association: Run by volunteers, this association is a non-profit organization which focuses on different dimensions of professional programs for networking, development services, and leadership opportunities. A lot of emphases is put on products and services which provide value for money and portfolio of individuals and organizations. For individual professionals, the membership fees amount to $110 and for corporations, it is $300, and for students, it is $50. Different regions have different fees though this is more or less the approximate value.   

Academy of Human Resources Professionals: To have the best insights about the world of talent management, the best HR certifications doing the rounds of the corporate corridors, and which HR certification online caters to which specialization of HR, the latest theories, practices, processes, and HR findings- Academy of Human Resources Professionals is the place to be. The membership costs are different for different entities. For individual it can be $220 and for student $130 approximately and annually. There are other membership options for special interest groups and HR professionals who have retired from the field.

College and University Professional Association for Human Resources: Higher education in the field of human resources is catered to by this association. They offer their services internationally, especially in the United States. It conducts research based on trends around the industry and promotes strategic and important discussions among universities and colleges. You can always almost find people to discuss your career directions and improvement of career spectrum with the completion of any HR certification online.

Association for Manufacturing Excellence: People think of human resources as an organization itself. But this industry is cross-functional and cross-cultural. Every corporation- be it in engineering, manufacturing, or technology- requires the department of talent management. The Association for Manufacturing Excellence offers an environment customized to the needs of networking and for exchanging best practices in order to advance and improve organizational competitiveness and value. For those who are in manufacturing industry serving as talent management practitioners, this is a good association to join hands with and know about the best HR certifications for manufacturing industry from people who have been there and done that.       

American Management Association: Focused on advanced management principles, American Management Association offers extensive pedagogical insights and educational features like conferences, seminars, and other such resources. All of such activities improve successful management and business. You can talk with other efficient talent management practitioners like you to know about the trending HR certification online and which will give the much-needed ascent to your portfolio.    


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