The Best Music Apps if You Want to Learn Something New

The Best Music Apps if You Want to Learn Something New

Best Music Apps

Music is something that resonates with all of us. Some gifted individuals are born with the ability to sing with beautiful voices or quickly take on the skill of playing an instrument and carry this talent forward in their life. However, most individuals are not naturally blessed yet still wish to learn the art of singing, playing the guitar, or the drums. One can use many apps to teach themselves something new that jumps straight into lessons – saving many the time, money, and energy spent on traditional music lessons. 

Research also highlights that there are various benefits of music education for kids, and a music learning app can help you achieve this. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the most promising and beneficial apps that people of all ages can use for learning music.

1. Skoove

Last but not least, Skoove is a superb and comprehensive AI-powered app that helps you learn how to play the piano. Not only does it teach you the basics and techniques of piano playing, but it also provides you with bite-sized lessons and courses that help you cover the entire spectrum of music theory.

Through Skoove, you can learn various musical concepts, including notes, chords, patterns, time signatures, and much more. Moreover, the AI capabilities of the app listen to every note you play. It provides you with real-time feedback and suggestions on your playing to improve yourself with practice. 

Apart from this, Skoove’s pro membership gives you direct access to highly experienced and talented instructors, thus allowing you to seek help and ask them any question you need the answer to. Moreover, you have access to thousands of songs that you can practice in order to perfect your skills. Skoove is quickly gaining popularity as the best online piano learning app that you can find out there, and people of all ages can use it to perfect their musical skills. The piano is considered one of the most difficult instruments to play, but Skoove makes it much easier for you.

2. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is the app for beginners as well as advanced guitarists looking to work on expanding their music style. Guitar Tricks has been teaching individuals to play the guitar since 1998 with regular lessons and made its way to online classes to impact the lives of over 4 million people. The App has 11,000+ video lessons starting from the very basics of hand placement, all the way to entire guitar solos.

The great thing about the app is that it jumps right into the lessons and wastes no time for users to begin their musical journey with their guitar. It offers 24 free classes, making it extremely easy for people to test out the app and see how helpful it can genuinely be.

Guitar Tricks also understands the vast music tastes and styles that people may have and caters to that by providing lessons on genres like Rock, Country, Blues, and so on. The lessons provided help people learn the chords to famous songs by their favorite artists like The Beetles or Rihanna. The options are endless with Guitar Tricks.

3. EarMaster

EarMaster is an app catered to beginners to intermediates who wish to train their ears to learn music theory. This means covering the basics of intervals, chords, note values, notation symbols, and much more. It also aids users in learning from many different genres, with over 2500 songs in the library. EarMaster is available on Android and iOS – making it accessible to all. 

EarMaster has many options for music lessons for one to choose from. Users may wish to train their ears to know specific notes and chords by heart. Other users may want to learn to sing just by the notation and receive live feedback, while other users may want customized exercises to work on a specific skill. EarMaster has become the go-to app for individuals who wish to develop a deeper understanding of music and singing. 

EarMaster ensures that users do not go to any other app, given that it also helps track their progress reports. These stats help users understand exactly where to focus more of their attention while also learning to perfect their art. 

4. Trala

Trala is an app focused on teaching the violin. It is loved globally as it has Android and Apple users from over 190 countries and over 400,000 active users. The app is excellent for people on a tight schedule who still wish to develop this skill. Unlike most other apps, Trala offers its users zoom lessons with teachers matched explicitly to the users’ needs.

Trala uses advanced technology to hear the violin the user plays to provide accurate and timely feedback on pitch and rhythm. It catches individuals going off track and brings them back up to speed with the rest of the song.

The app is also great for people with diverse music tastes. You will find all sorts of music – from the old classics to the modern-day Britney Spears. Finally, the in-built violin tuner makes this a complete app that is great for beginners from start to finish.

This concludes our guide on the best music apps if you want to learn something new. Thanks to artificial intelligence and app development technology, you don’t have to leave the house to learn music and can also learn at your own pace.