Why Should You Buy a Granny Flat Before Constructing a New House?
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Why Should You Buy a Granny Flat Before Constructing a New House?

Buy a Granny Flat

With the rising cost of traditional housing more than ever, it is important for homeowners to consider alternative dwelling solutions. One such style has been on the rise for years – the granny flat.

Modern granny flats have new features that make it the perfect house for anyone to reside. So if you are planning to buy a granny flat then search for the best Granny Flats Builder in your area. 

What is a modern granny flat? 

 Modern granny flats are not only built for large living, but they actively promote the same quality of life in traditional homes, not closer and more intimate.

This makes the granny flat the ideal solution for those who want to downsize. While the granny flat is a more compact version of the traditional home it promotes closeness while maintaining the privacy of a number of residents.

It is a great investment opportunity for the landowner who wants to utilise the extra space in the yard and an affordable living space for elderly, teenagers and anyone in between. 

Advantages of owning a granny flat 

The granny flat can have one to five bedrooms, depending on the type of space customers require. Irrespective of the size, the granny flats are equipped with a functional kitchen and living room, a bathroom and even a patio . 

1. Affordability –

The unique point of granny flats, the residents love is its affordability. For the same features practically you get in a traditional home , you spend very less building your own granny flat.

The building cost of a granny flat depends on the area of the house and the materials involved. To get an idea of how much will be the cost of a granny flat, it is better to consult a builder and inform him of the floor plan. 

2. Ease of build –

To construct a granny flat will not take as long as constructing a traditional home. Depending on the size, the granny flat can be constructed within 8 to 10 weeks depending on the complexities involved in the building.

These can be built in a factory and delivered to the place or can be done on the spot. 

3. Versatility –

The granny flat is not only for grandparents or families and couples. It is designed to be customized to a complete extent, permitting residents to decide how the space is maximized down to the last detail.

The granny flats can be designated as home offices, hobby spaces, and also bedrooms. If you are in need of additional income, you can just get a granny flat built for the sake of renting it out. 

4. Accessibility –

With small houses such as granny flats, the inmates may still have the same full life, making sure that each nook and corner has a purpose.

5. Customizable –

Granny flat owners can design their homes exactly as they want from start to finish. Tell the builder your idea during the session and find out which unique features are possible. You can turn your dream house into a reality. 


Opting for a granny flat as a permanent place for dwelling is the perfect way to cut down costs and maximize the living space. With very less money you can be secure knowing that the home you live in is built particularly for you, with your daily requirements in mind.