Can Car Covers Damage Your Paint?

Can Car Covers Damage Your Paint?

If you are like most classic car owners, the paint job on your car is as important to you as your skin. A scratch in the paint is capable of causing a bit of emotional suffering.

So when you are looking for the perfect car cover to protect your vehicle you want to know this: do car covers damage car paint? The reassuring answer is a resounding no, in most cases, especially if you purchase a cover made specifically for your make, model and year car.

There are situations, though, where you should be cautious. If you have just given your vintage vehicle a new paint job it is best to avoid a car cover for a limited time; consult with the painting company for the exact duration. Also, an ill-fitting cover can do damage in the following ways:

  • By allowing wind to move the cover around enough to cause scratches
  • By enabling dirt and dust to enter and rub against the paint job
  • By not being breathable enough to allow moisture to escape

The best car covers are all about fit, materials, design and construction. A custom fit cover will not flap around in the wind, but will stay snug over the entire car.

Materials such as cotton flannel, satin-stretch, fleece and stretch weave fabric protect your car or truck from the elements while being gentle to the paint and trim. Expert design and construction mean the covers hold their shape for years.

Always Choose Quality

The best indoor and outdoor car covers have several things in common. For starters, they match the contours of your car’s exterior, even if you have made modifications and upgrades.

They keep harmful substances off of your car, and out of your engine’s sensitive components, whether you park it in the safety of your garage, or leave it out in the elements. This includes messy things like tree sap, snow, hail and bird droppings, as well as smaller things such as dust and pollen.

They also keep the sun’s rays and the accumulation of moisture from degrading your vehicle. The best outdoor car covers come with water-repellent fabrics and durability. Quality indoor covers might not need to be as tough, but they still need optimal ventilation and snug fit to protect a classic car.

Always Take Care of Your Investments

Quality car covers might cost a little more, but it’s all about protecting your investment. There is no sense getting a car cover that doesn’t do the job, that allows in harmful dust and other debris. Once you have the right item, it’s important to know how to take care of your car cover. This will extend the lifespan of the cover and assure you get the best results. It will also keep the cover looking good when it is in use.

Depending on the style of cover you have and the material it is made of, it can be washed either by hand or by a washing machine. Follow the instructions that come with the cover for best results.

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