SEO Tips – How to check the DA and the PA of a WordPress Website

SEO Tips – How to check the DA and the PA of a WordPress Website

In today’s digital world, everything is on the internet whether it is Buying, Selling. The whole internet works on websites having specific links and URLs.

The leading search engine is Google where every entrepreneur, SEO worker, Blogger, Writer, and other niche people want to have a website where they can showcase their talent, work, and provide people the best of their respective services. 

Now, after all these things, the owner of those websites wants to check if his/her website is listed among the higher websites or among the lower websites.

In order to check this, Moz (SEO Software Company) developed the “Domain Authority” which is very useful for the website developers and owners. The definition of the Domain Authority and Page Authority is given below. 

Domain Authority (DA) tells us the ranking, in the form of scores, of our website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Domain Authority scores fall between 1 and 100. Ranking of the website depends upon “Page Speed”, “Optimized Content”, “Domain URL” and the list goes on. Domain Authority takes the whole website and shows the results.

Page Authority (PA) tells us the ranking, in the form of scores, of our website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Just like Domain Authority, Page Authority also ranges from 1 to 100, depending upon the ranking factors. Page Authority shows the results of the page individually.

New domains start from 1 DA and it increases by the time when the website meets the requirements and features of the high ranked website. Higher Domain Authority depends upon the Domain Authority of the websites with which you are competing. So this thing tells us that it doesn’t matter if you have the highest scores but you should have the higher authority ranks (which comes from the scores) than your competitors. 

Let us explore some amazing useful tools which can help us to check the Domain Authority of our site. 

1. MozBar:

Moz, the SEO Software Company, which developed the term “Domain Authority”, developed the extension to measure the metrics of the website and links for Search Engine Optimization purposes.


After entering the domain in the given bar, it shows the on-page metrics including contents of webpage’s title text, top pages by links, alt text, top linking domains and keyword by estimated links, etc. It also provides the Google Chrome extension and Mozilla Firefox extension with limited functionality.

To have full access, you have to pay for it. You can access these metrics free of cost within the limit i.e. 3 reports per day. There are two toolbars named “Main Toolbar” which includes metrics of Page Authority and Domain Authority and also Page Analysis and Links functionality and “SERP Toolbar” which allows custom search profiles and export the data report to CSV file. 

How to use:
After the installation, it can get activated from the “Blue M button” showing on the extension bars. 

You can Turn ON and Turn OFF the MozBar using keyboard shortcuts.

  • Cmd + Option + Control + M shortcut for MAC.
  • Shift + Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut for WINDOWS.

It gives free access to the 3 reports/day with limited goodies but it also gives the premium plan after the creation of Moz Pro Account i.e. 

  • Monthly
    • Standard costs $99 
    • Medium costs $149
    • Large costs $249
    • Premium costs $599
  • Yearly
    • Standard costs $950 ($79/month)
    • Medium costs $1428 ($119/month)
    • Large costs $2390 ($199/month)
    • Premium costs $5750 ($479/month)

This premium plan features include Keyword Difficulty, Page optimization, and more metrics including deep dig into the page.

2. Prepostseo DA Checker:

Prepostseo Company is the bank of 95+ free online empowered tools providing a wide variety of services with amazing functionality. DA PA Checker is one of its SEO tools which help the website users to measure the rank of any webpage.  

Prepostseo DA Checker

This bulk DA PA checker provides the accessibility to check multiple URLs up to 500 URLs giving the detailed results including Spam Score (SS) of DA & PA, IP Address, and Domain age.

Factors used by this tool to check the DA & PA is the age of the website, total backlinks, types of backlinks, quality of the content, speed of the website, design of the website, Moz trust, social signals, and quality images. At once, you can paste 25 webpages (one URL on each line).

If you get the result between 45 and 55, then your website is good and above 55 scored website is considered excellent. 

How to use:
Copy the link and paste it in the input bar. After that, click on the “Check Authority” for the results.

It offers to check the authority for free with limited functionality. It also has the premium membership plans i.e.

  • Yearly
    • For the company, $350/year
    • For standard, $150/year
    • For basic, $50/year
  • Monthly
    • For Company- $45/month
    • For Standard- $20/month
    • For Basic- $10/month

3. Linkody DA Checker

Linkody is a specially designed SEO tool to check the Domain Authority and Page Authority. 

Linkody DA Checker

This tool allows its user to check 10 URLs at a time. The results shown by this tool are on the basis of URL, Page Authority, Domain Authority, External Root Domain Count, and Subdomain Spam Score which is on the right side of the input box. This bulk DA checker helps you find the backlinks to get your website improved. 

How to use: Copy the link/URL and paste the copied link into the input box. After pasting the link, click on the option “Check” and get the comprehensive statistics.  


Directly, as the owners of the websites, we can’t increase the ranks of our website and ask people to engage in the trafficking of our website. By compelling the great content and earning high-quality links, we can attract people and have a higher ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

To check this, I’ve mentioned the best tools and ways to check the Domain Authority of your website. After reading this article, you’ll come to know about the Domain Authority and Page Authority, the importance of these terms, and the use of these terms in the tools to get results of website statistics. 

Domain Authority and Page Authority checkers don’t give the exact measurements. It shows what Google or other engines are observing from your website and how your site can be improved to get in the list of higher score ranked websites.


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