Conventional Split AC Vs Window AC

Conventional Split AC Vs Window AC

Technology is ever evolving. There was a time when the AC was only a luxury item that came as the good old window AC and today we have seen it evolve into the sleek split AC. The option of going for a split AC or the older model of window AC can be taken into account depending on the space available in the house. Before you choose one, it is always better to weigh the pros and cons of both ACs.

Split Air Conditioner

Split Air ConditionerWindow Air Conditioner


Window Air Conditioner

1. The window AC is a single unit and it is suited for a small room with a window. One part of the AC is inside the room while the other part is outside the window. The conventional split AC is preferable when the room is large and has no window. The condenser and compressor are placed on the outer wall and the evaporator is located in the room.

2. The window AC has only one color and design and they can be easily moved from one place to another and the installation is quite simple and not at all expensive. On the other hand, though the split AC comes in different models with attractive colors, they are not the one for people constantly shifting houses. It is difficult to be moved and reinstalled. Professional help is required for every installation and might turn out to be expensive.

3. Taking into consideration the cost, a window AC is definitely much cheaper than a split AC. Installation cost is also higher for the split AC.

4. If silence is something you strongly insist on, then it is always better to go for the split AC. The window AC produces noise as the compressor functions close to the window sill. Those who are conscious of the decor of your room or office should obviously go for the split AC, for they are sleek and have a pleasing design.

5. Electricity consumption is another big question raised. To be frank, there is not much of a noticeable difference in the use of power by these two appliances. But you could say the split AC cools down the room faster than the window AC. In that way, the compressor works a shorter time. But for a certain tonnage both these units consume the same amount of electricity.

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What really counts is that before buying an air conditioner, you have to have a correct idea of the room size. The tonnage of the AC is very important in relation to the size of the room. An undersized air conditioner will keep the compressor running for longer periods and your electricity meter will be running over-time. On the other hand, an oversized unit will freeze your room and remove all humidity. Also be sure to go for a good star rated AC. Happy shopping!.


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