5 Clever Ways to Keep the Cost of Moving Low

5 Clever Ways to Keep the Cost of Moving Low

Moving to a different place is one daunting life experience. There are so many uncertainties to transplanting your life in an unfamiliar place. In fact, even if a place is quite familiar, the mere concept of building a life there can be rather scary.


Compounding the stress you may feel about the move is the cost of the process. Moving definitely requires a considerable amount of money, and this is where the first set of issues occurs.

Will you have enough to hire good removalists? How much will the transportation cost — especially across the country? Should you get insurance? How much do you have to pay for moving the sheer volume of possessions you own? Why does everything come with a price?

All of these concerns can really drive you to the brink.

Fortunately, trusted interstate removalists or movers in Sydney say that there are numerous ways to bring down the cost of relocation. You just need to put in some time for planning and the work required by studying your options, nd coming up with your own ways to augment your finances for the move.

To get you started with this, here are five proven effective strategies in keeping the cost of the move to a minimum.

1. Reduce the number of possessions you’ll be bringing with you.

The fewer items there are to move, the lower the cost usually for removals and moving services (unless you need special insurance and packaging for incredibly valuable items).

To accomplish this, the best thing to do is to downsize. Go through everything you own and identify the things that you do not need and can do without, the rubbish and, of course, the useful.

Throw out all the rubbish. As for the things that are in good condition but do not serve any real purpose in your life, decide whether you should give them away or sell them. It’s better to sell if you really need additional cash for the move. As for the useful batch, assess their true value in the life that you will be creating in your new home.

For example, your children have this lovely multi playset in the yard at the moment, but you will be moving to an apartment building that may have its own playground or is located just across from the local park. Perhaps, it would be better to just include it in your items to sell instead of bringing it with you. Alternatively, , if you are feeling generous, you can donate it to a children’s care facility, give it away to a friend or relative with kids and the space needed to set it up.

It is worth considering as well if it would actually be cheaper and less of a trouble for you to just buy new items after you have relocated. You should do some research on this first, though, as paying to move your items can often be cheaper than replacing them.

2. Pay more for the services of the best removalists or movers.

This may seem counterintuitive but in a lot of circumstances, paying more for the services of the best professionals ends up being a cost-effective decision. Using professionals will lower the likelihood of costly duplicate efforts, as well as damage to possessions that will require you to purchase new replacements.

3. Inquire about deals.

A lot of removal companies actually offer great deals to their clients. These come in promo codes and special programmes for select clients. Inquire about these and see how you can use such provisions to reduce the cost of the move.

People in the armed forces, for example, are often eligible for discounted services. Ditto with students. The key here is to learn about the different programmes that save money, and which you can qualify for.

4. Learn about tax benefits.

Your relocation may provide you with some tax benefits. Certain expenses associated with the move may actually be tax deductible. There are different online sites that offer information about this cost-saving solution and, while you are at it, make sure that you save receipts for all move-related expenses.

5. Ask around for supplies.

A lot of people actually save their bubble wrap and packing boxes. You may have some friends who’d be more than happy to give you some of what they have saved. Local grocers may also be keen on giving cartons away for free to reduce their own clutter or rubbish.

Getting a lot of your moving supplies for free will certainly bring down moving costs. Just make sure that the items you collect for packing, particularly the cartons, are in good condition and strong enough for the task.

There is no denying that relocating can be quite costly. But, with a few smart tricks, it can be less expensive than it normally is.

Robert Wise, Sales Administration Manager at Nuss Removals, has been a respected figure in the removals industry for over 20 years. His attention to detail and the ability to truly understand the needs of the customer have ensured the successful relocation of thousands of satisfied individuals and families. For moving and storage across Australia and around the world, Robert’s wealth of experience ensures his customers are in safe hands.


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