Deccan Odyssey Train – The Most Luxurious Train in Asia

Deccan Odyssey Train – The Most Luxurious Train in Asia

The Indian Train Deccan Odyssey, known for its luxurious itineraries full of royalty stories, jeweled palaces, and wildlife, has regained the title of Asia’s Leading Luxury Train, the awards considered as the Oscars of the travel industry. And it’s already the seventh time.

Maintaining its legacy, the Deccan Odyssey train regained the title of Asia’s Leading Luxury Train (“the most luxurious train in Asia”). Known for its luxurious trips that fascinate hundreds of travelers from all over the world, for its journeys full of stories and exoticism across the width and length of India, this train offers an experience that is hard to forget.

A passage through India on board the luxury Deccan Odyssey puts the magic back in the train travel, as the trip offers a variety of experiences while that leads you through the vast Indian unexplored.

The Train Deccan Odyssey, which allows you to enjoy the same exemplary levels of service that embody all our holidays in India with the romance of an epic journey of the train. On board, the spacious and comfortable berths and the personal attention to detail combine to create what is effectively a luxury hotel.

The Deccan Odyssey covers a number of different routes through India, as shown below. Along the way, with the help of expert guides, these tours reveal the history, culture and natural beauty of the well-known destinations and there hidden gems.

Know here some popular itinerary of Deccan Odyssey train :

  1. Indian Sojourn – Train from Mumbai to Delhi

The Indian Sojourn is a classic trip aboard the luxurious Deccan Odyssey, which will take you from Mumbai to New Delhi. On the way, look for tigers in the wildlife of renowned Ranthambore, visit iconic monuments, majestic and ancient ruins.

  1. Maharashtra Splendor -a Main Luxury Train of Deccan Odyssey

One of the main luxury trains, the Deccan Odyssey is ready to take you on a real 8 day trip through some of India’s most enigmatic destinations. The itinerary includes a visit to the wine capital of India-Nashik, colorful Kolhapur, Portuguese influence Goa, UNESCO World Heritage site of the caves of Ajanta and it and the holy city of Ratnagiri.

  1. Jewels of the Deccan: Mumbai to Mumbai

Point of interest starting and ending in Mumbai, this trip explores some of India’s best kept secrets of the continent aboard the luxury Deccan Odyssey. Discover the fascinating history of the Deccan through the ancient monuments of the region’s powerful kingdoms, including historical temples of the cave and palaces.

Odyssey India – A Luxury Train Journey

The Journey of India is only one of the six different train trips available on board the Deccan Odyssey, one of the most luxurious trains in India. Traveling from Delhi to Mumbai, this trip travels through the northern plains of India, given the major places of interest along the way, including the Taj Mahal in Agra, the majestic forts, and palaces of Rajasthan. Many others. This tour will also visit Pune and the royal kitchens in the Palace Laxmi Vilas.

Services included in the trip

  • Travel insurance
  • Service of the camera during the train trip
  • Non-alcoholic drinks during the train trip
  • Regime according to program
  • Local Spanish-speaking guides in Bombay and English-speaking on train trip excursions
  • Regular tour visits, according to program
  • Transfers, in regular service, according to the program, with assistance in English speaking
  • Accommodation in double cabins with private bathroom on the train
  • Accommodation in hotels planned or of similar category
  • Round trip flight


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