5 Things You Need To Know When Making Fashion Promo Video

5 Things You Need To Know When Making Fashion Promo Video

Nowadays, fashion videos are a strong tool that helps big brands to collect and promote new trends. But creating a fashion promo video is quite challenging. There were times, instead of video, Fashion brands preferred to spend on billboards.  But in this era, fashion-related videos have become popular. 

While people were accustomed to watching still photography for a while, now that all kinds of outfits and combinations can be easily understood through videos, ideas about the possibilities of each outfit can be found, which helps to present them in an attractive way to the buyer.

Many luxury companies are joining this new trend of making videos about fashion where they show off their collections, catwalks, accessories and designers themselves. In addition to brands, countless individuals on the Internet create their own videos that show their purchases, their lifestyles, the way they dress, and their beauty tips.

This trend arose from the need for people to know their own style through the offer of makeup, various ways to apply makeup and countless other techniques.

To make Fashion Promo video, you must keep 5 things in mind.

1. Idea selection:  

If you own a fashion business you must know the trend to introduce something new to the customers or to promote an existing product.  You have to choose or select your product that you would like to make a fashion promo video.

Of course, you need to choose or select the product very carefully as you can’t promote winter clothes during summer or vice versa. 

2.  Identify your goal: 

Before you jump to making a video, please have a seat and think what is your goal with this video. Usually, many companies or people create promotional videos on Fashion for Brand awareness, increase customer engagement and lastly to drive sales. 

If you have multiple goals or ideas and you would like to cram them into one video then you might confuse your audience.  Therefore, you may make multiple videos with different products. 

 3. Duration: 

Before making video there should be a time parameter. Because the duration is a big deal to make a promotional video. Buyers do not want to see a long video to understand the trend. So it should not be very long or not too short. People get less interest with long videos and at the end, it remains unfocused. Also, the budget is a big factor to make a long video. 

For example, a 30-second- 1-minute ad or promo video is probably enough to promote your holiday sale. 

4. Filming:

So start taking photographs and videos. For that, you need photography instrument, product and props.  A modern fashion line would feel right at home if the promo video is energized.  And after filming still photography or videos you must choose a style from Fashion Video maker.

At this stage you should have your idea, goal and duration figured out.  And now it’s time to think about what your video will look like “the visual style of the promo video”. You may choose any of the styles and create Fashion Video as per your choice from Fashion video maker. 

5. Use social media to get your advantage: 

Social has a different meaning now. Social means happiness, style. In fact for fashion and retails brands success is social. In this era, physical banner or Poster does not work that much. So social media is the biggest platform to promote a fashion business.

Use them to get more engagement for your fashion product by creating a promo video. Facebook/ Instagram video ads, Cable Tv ads etc, all of them have their own set of restriction and best practice guidelines and we must keep in mind where we are going to show them.  

The relationship between fashion and social networks is getting closer every single day. Because as a fashion business owner you get to know the customer reviews, recommendations. People share their opinion by leaving a comment on social media.

Shoppers also ask and share their recommendation for fashion. Many people like social comments instead of a phone call.  Consumers are looking for fashion ideas and inspirations on social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

Social media is all about connections. Your followers want to feel close to your brand – and be rewarded for their loyalty with exclusive access and offers. So to get more connected with your buyers you must update them with your new product or a sale offer by creating Fashion Promo video. 


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