10 Fresh Ideas For a Startup Company To Develop a Top-Class Mobile App

10 Fresh Ideas For a Startup Company To Develop a Top-Class Mobile App

In this era of modernization and technology, we all possess smartphones and devices, which contains an immense amount of software applications that are being used for so many different purposes.

If you ever need a magic box, just go for a smart device containing a mass of applications of your interest. Because mobile apps are software applications which are formulated to serve the smart device users with a whole lot of services.

The motive of this article is to talk about some fresh mobile app plans which can be beneficial for a startup company in making serviceable apps.

There are plenty of mobile app service companies worldwide, we would rather focus on some of the best mobile app development companies like:

WillowTree®, Hedgehog lab, Algoworks, Cubix, Dot Com Infoway, Utility, Zco, Fueled, etc

Three years back from now, more than 80 billion USD annual revenue was collected by mobile app industries. It will be getting vast within the next few years and this current year can be considered as the midway; also, a significant period for the implementation of making mobile apps.

In this time, it’s quite challenging to come up with fresh ideas for a successful startup because of the growing number of competitors. However, the important fact is to generate ideas that are unique and what more important is to understand your own business and services. So, let’s have a look at the 10 beneficial ideas regarding that:

1. “Know yourself, know your worth”:

The idea of knowing yourself is to know your strengths and weaknesses which help you to make the best decisions in your life. So, when you’re creating an app, there’s always uncertainty on getting expected feedback and a risk of not succeeding in this process. No meaning to lose investment over a terrible concept.

Knowing yourself will help you to make decisions on whether you should proceed or work on the improvement yet. If you want to take the risk, take it executing something worthy and also which is fulfilling the purpose of your business. And to know yourself, pay heed to the facts like:

  • Necessary steps that should be taken to improve your resources and services
  • The source in which people are interacting with your business
  • The idea-generating process for the app

2. Know your customer’s/client’s need:

Clients or customers are the heart of a business so it’s important to put your customer’s choice and feedback in the first place.

  • Know about their preferences
  • Their likings and dis-likings about your business
  • The way they prefer to reach you
  • The major purpose of them to interact with your business

3. Know your competitors:

At this time, there are lots of apps which are serving so many different purposes. So, it’s obvious to find apps that are serving similar purposes as you’re planning to serve according to your business. This is why it is important to analyze the competitor’s performance to generate a good idea because by the analysis:

  • You can find their gaps & the faults so you will not make the same mistakes and can fulfill the gaps
  • Implement something new and innovative

So, it’s a must to know the strategies, plans, and performance of your competitors to outrank them.

4. Know your target audience:

If you think you’ll just put your app in a specific category and people are going to look for it, that’s not going to happen. Few things you should keep in your mind like gender, age, interest, etc. according to the service you provide because knowing the platform of your audience is another important thing.

5. Create content ready layout:

It’s important to notice if the content properly falls into the layout or not. The design should be attractive, the color and size of the font should be appropriate and the structure should not be scruffy. Also, it needs to be ensured that it supports all the available operating systems.

6. Include updated features:

To always being updated is one of the most important points while making an app. No doubt it’s tough but once you know the techniques, the rest of the work will be very easy to grow your business through your mobile app.

7. Get quick reviews for improvisation:

The very first feedback of the users can give you an idea of what needs to be changed and improved. So, paying attention to user reviews are important.

8. Optimize it for high performance:

Negative user experience is harmful to an app which occurs mostly because of poor performance. So the app should be quick to respond when it’s first launched, and also quick in fixing bugs, slow performance, and crashes. 

9. Enable offline use:

Very few apps in the stores work offline. It gives good user experience if an app can be used offline as well

10. Develop analytic tools:

Having analytics tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Flurry, etc. can give you a detailed and clear picture of the number of visitors, how they came to know about your app and to ensure they come for it again.

As the app market is increasing like it never before, to compete in the market with highly satisfactory performance, all these ideas can be very helpful for a startup company to make a top-class mobile app.

Maqsood Rahman

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