When to Get Your Sinus Checked

When to Get Your Sinus Checked



Sinus problems have plagued me multiple times in my life, which is something I am sure many people can relate with. Being such a prevalent condition, I believe it is important to understand how your body is being affected and when it is necessary to go get them checked. Put simply sinuses are cavities in our body filled mostly with air and they produce mucus. Normally we don’t give them a second thought but external factors like trauma or germ infiltration can cause these cavities to stop functioning harmoniously and may warrant getting them checked out.

When To Get Your Sinus Checked?

Green or yellow mucus:

In my opinion this is perhaps the most classic sign of a sinus problem, constantly coughing or sneezing and blowing my nose just to be greeted by green or yellow mucus lets me know I need to have my sinuses looked at for the cause.

Frequent headaches:

Like others I too have shrugged off headaches as something caused by not getting enough sleep or not drinking enough water, which may be the case sometimes. However, in my experience frequent headaches especially those that may worsen on moving around my head too much or are linked to feeling dizzy are likely related to sinus problems, caused by pressure building up due to infected sinuses being blocked.

Prolonged hoarseness of voice:

A problem I used to commonly associate with talking on the phone too much, this symptom can also point to a sinus issue. The infected mucous in the sinus may be going down the neck causing the voice to become hoarse. An often ignored symptom it may point to a more long standing or serious issue, something I suggest seeing the best ENT specialist for.

Feeling water going into nose while drinking:

A seemingly unlikely occurrence or so I thought until a visit to my dentist left me with this perplexing issue. While getting work done on my upper teeth removing a tooth caused the sinus above my mouth to develop a bridge with the mouth itself. Needless to say this experience prompted me to switch dentists and seek out the best sinus doctor in Shelton.

Stinky breath:

Another common issue which I have found may be linked to our friend the sinus. The bad mucus being made by a germ filled sinus can find its way to our mouth while going down the neck, causing foul smelling breath which doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many times we brush.


Sinus problems are often disregarded as unimportant issues and treated with home care remedies and quick Google searches but like any part of the body the sinuses should be in optimum working condition to avoid frequent health issues and unneeded stress in our lives. The best way to ensure this is to not take chances and have our sinuses checked out professionally and to make sure these common issues aren’t hiding something more serious.