How to Avoid Feeling Awkward During Virtual Sex

How to Avoid Feeling Awkward During Virtual Sex

Virtual Sex

If you’re new to video chat sex, it’s easy to feel nervous. But if you want excellent phone sex, starting slowly and setting the right mood is essential.

Also, make sure you’re communicating your needs and desires clearly. Otherwise, you’ll make things more awkward for yourself and your partner.

Be Prepared

Virtual sex is any sexual activity that takes place in the digital realm. That includes video chat using Rabbits Cams, phone sex, sexting, long-distance sex play using toys and sex tech, interactive pornography, and more.

While some forms of virtual sex may not be as taboo as they used to be, it’s essential to know how to have it safely and without feeling awkward. Luckily, many experts have some great tips to help you have safe, enjoyable virtual sex.

First, establish boundaries and safety precautions with your partner before you start. This can include rules like where and how you store images and videos, terms of consent, and how you communicate when something goes wrong. It can also establish the right level of trust and intimacy between you.

Start Slowly

If you’re new to virtual sex or want to try it for the first time with your partner, starting slow can help reduce anxiety. It also means you can learn the ropes without going overboard.

Before you start, check in with your partner to ensure they’re comfortable. This can be done verbally or with visuals, such as photos or videos.

Once you’re both comfortable, O’Reilly says you can get started by sending them flirty text messages or voice notes that include sexually suggestive images or descriptions of fantasies.

Phone foreplay can be just as arousing as in-person sex, so take your time getting in the mood. Frye-Nekrasova also suggests trying out audio porn or reading erotic fiction together over the phone to build excitement and get your imagination flowing.

Set a Good Mood

Virtual sex is a fantastic way to have fun and satiate your sexual needs if you’re in a long-distance relationship or don’t have time for physical intimacy. But it can also be a little scary, especially if you’ve never had phone sex before.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to make it feel more comfortable. First, you can set a good mood.

Start by ensuring you’re wearing lingerie or costumes that will help to elevate your experience and get you excited about what’s ahead.

Next, you can play the music that has been proven to stimulate pleasure. Research shows that music can trigger feelings of pleasure in the same way as physical acts of intimacy, so choose a playlist that you and your partner both like.

Finally, be sure to change the lighting to set the right mood. LED light strips, for example, can be controlled remotely to pulse or turn brighter.

Communicate Your Needs

Virtual sex can be an excellent way to enhance your sexual experience, especially for long-distance couples. It can also help you feel more connected to your partner.

But before you dive into your sex session, be sure to talk with your partner about your needs. This will reduce the risk that you’ll do something inappropriate and also give your partner a chance to make you feel more comfortable.

For example, if you want to use sex toys during virtual sex, tell your partner exactly what you are interested in doing. This will ensure that you feel confident about using them and create a positive atmosphere for the rest of your session. Another thing to remember when having virtual sex is that there’s no privacy on the internet. Your photos, text and video can be saved or copied without your permission, so it’s best to take precautions.