How to Use Lasttissue and Lasttissue Benefits

How to Use Lasttissue and Lasttissue Benefits

The world’s first-ever reusable, ultra-soft, eco-friendly, and single-use tissue is LastTissue. It is best for maintaining proper hygiene and protecting our nature. You can get last tissue review to know about its benefits.

For producing single-use tissues, thousands of trees are cutting down every day across the world. LastTissues designed to minimize the tendency of using single used tissues. From this article, you will learn about LastTissue’s benefits and using process.


LastTissue is the first washable tissue that is the perfect replacement for one-time issues. It is sustainable, travel-sized, more comfortable to carry, and 100% safe. Its innovative carrying pouch carries six tissues. 

Take a tissue from the bottom and, after use, store it on top of the marked barrier. There is no fear of spreading germs. They are easy to wash and disinfect. This product lasts for years, so don’t doubt its durability.

How to Use LastTissue

Using LastTissue is not a complicated process. But, for your convenience, we will provide a detailed using process of this tissue.

Using the Tissues

Under the pouch, there is a tiny opening outlet that allows to take out a tissue. Just pull out and use it just like one-time tissues. Its 100% cotton makes it free from allergens.

Storing the Used Tissue

The pouch has another compartment to store used tissue. It has an invisible barrier that allows keeping the used tissues separate from the new tissues. You have to push the used tissue from the top of the pouch.

Cleaning Process

After using all six tissues, you have to wash them for reuse. Take out all the tissues from the pouch and wash them by using hands or a washing machine. If you use a washing machine, then keep the temperature at 60°. 

It will help tissues not to lose integrity and make them last longer. It’s okay to wash them with your regular clothes and towels. Then keep them for drying as like your regular clothes.

The pouch is made with rubber, and it’s entirely dishwasher safe. So, when washing the tissues, make sure to clean the pouch. By using your hand with a little bit of dishwasher and water, wash it out. And then dry it thoroughly.

Reusing the Tissues

When the tissues and pouch get completely dry, just refill the pouch. Fold the tissues, open the lid, and pour them one after another to refill the pouch. In this way, you can use the LastTissue 460 times minimum.

Benefits of LastTissue

LastTissue is the best innovative idea and alternative to single used disposable tissues. Its benefits are immense, which makes it more unique. To know about its benefits, keep reading this article.

Environment Friendly

One package of LastTissue is equal to 2800 one-time tissues. We are producing so much waste that is beyond our imagination. There is no alternative option other than using LastTissue for protecting our nature.

With LastTissue, you don’t have to worry about creating waste. Because it is 100% biodegradable so, when you throw it, there is zero chance of causing landfill waste. The best thing is that the pouch is also recyclable. So, you can dispose of it whenever you want. To protect nature from unnecessary waste, replace your disposable tissues with LastTissue.

More Hygienic

Most people use disposable tissues because of their hygiene issues. One-time tissues are more hygienic than handkerchiefs. In the case of the LastTissue, you won’t feel any hygiene issues. It offers six tissues in a pouch. So, you can use a clean tissue each time.

Moreover, there is an invisible barrier in the pouch, considering the hygiene issue. It allows keeping the used and unused tissues separate. That is why germs cannot spread over and keep the unused tissues disinfect.

Organic Materials

Handkerchiefs contain harsh fabrics that irritate the skin while using. One-time tissues use fragrance, which can cause rashes and allergic reactions for many people.

Organic Materials

It comes with 100% organic cotton, which makes the LastTissue soft and plush. It works so gently that your skin remains damage-free. You won’t feel any allergic reaction and rashes on your skin after using this tissue.

Set of Reusable Tissues

People who are concerned about nature use handkerchiefs. But using hankies is difficult for some people who have a cold, fever, or extreme hygiene problem. LastTissue can save them from this trouble. As said before, it contains six issues, so you can use new tissues when needed. Also, you can reuse it like a handkerchief without any fear of hygiene.

Handy Pouch

One-time tissues mostly come with a plastic packet, which starts to tear after some days. So, you have to dispose of the entire packet, not even using the tissues. This is pure wastage of money.

On the other side, the sturdy carrying case of LastTissue won’t tear out. Hard silicone makes the pouch strong enough. It won’t crack down or bend in any harsh condition. At any time, you can disinfect this pouch and use it again. So, keep it in your bag without the fear of tearing it out.

Save Money

LastTissue is indeed more expensive than disposable tissues. But did you give a thought about how much tissue packages and boxes you use per year? I think more than ten tissue boxes with uncountable tissue packages.

So, in the end, it doesn’t matter how expensive LastTissue is. You can wash each LastTissue 460 times. That means these six tissues can last for more than a year. So, definitely, it will save you money.

More Convenient

LastTissue comes in five different colors. It is travel friendly, you can easily carry it in your bag or pouch. It offers hassle-free maintenance and easy to wash. With its authentic materials, it is absolutely safe to use.


To give your skin extra pamper LastTissue is a perfect choice. It is clean, hygienic, and provides the best protection to your skin. Also, to contribute something better for the environment, start using this product.

It is a worthy product to have though, it is a bit expensive. I hope this article will help you to make a decision about purchasing LastTissue.


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