How to Write an Explanatory Essay

How to Write an Explanatory Essay

All schoolchildren and many students are obliged to write essays, but not everyone totally understands how to do this. In this article, we will tell you how to write an essay and where to start.

Why You Need to Write an Explanatory Essay

In most cases, students and schoolchildren are forced to write essays as homework or independent projects. But it also happens that due to the nature of the profession, some adults must write a beautiful text to get the job or for another reason.

One way or another, many do not know the basics of competent writing, which greatly complicates the process or leads to a negative result. In order to achieve your goal and get a positive assessment of your work, you need to know what this text work consists of and how it should be done.

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But first, you need to clarify one detail. As a rule, people don’t understand why all this is necessary, what it will give them, and what role such texts will play in a future career. Knowing the answers to these questions, you will be able to take such work more seriously and will be more conscious in your approach to the matter,

The ability to write an essay in a beautiful, competent, and conscious way allows you to significantly expand the boundaries of your thinking, see the world from many different sides and begin to be critical about many things in life.

When writing, you should evaluate and weigh your decisions, give a real assessment of a specific situation, build logical chains, and more importantly, use your creative thinking and intellectual abilities.

People who have learned to work with essays usually become leaders because they can clearly, concisely, and correctly state their thoughts, as well as convince others of the correctness of different actions and their consequences.

Explanatory Essay Structure

Now let’s move on to the main issue of text structuring. Each text should have a clear structure. The structure of any composition is the following:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Main part;
  3. Conclusion.

That’s all. Any classical composition consists of these three parts. Now let’s look at each one in more detail.


To begin with, you need to learn how to write an introduction to an explanatory essay. The introduction of any essay should carry the main idea, as well as introduce it to the reader.

Next, you should write the main aspects of our story and name a point that will be revealed in the main part, and in conclusion, will be summarized by the author. The introduction should catch the attention of the reader, making him read the whole text.

The title is also very important since this is the first thing that a reader sees. It should be intriguing, making the reader start reading the text.

Body Paragraphs

Now we can talk about the main part. This is the most important component of any essay, article, story, etc. Here the essence of your topic is revealed, the main idea is expressed, all arguments are provided.

It is important that this part be meaningful, concise, and describe all the events in detail, so that the reader could feel what the author wants to say. Try not to change the main idea throughout the text.

The Last Part

The conclusion summarizes all of the above, draws it into certain results. Here the author already expresses his final thought about what he personally thinks about a specific occasion, and also clarifies all the main points. In this part, you need to confidently close the topic.

The main characteristics of this part are brevity, expression of the main idea of the author, summary, and concrete ending.

These are the main parts of any text, which are also suitable for an explanatory essay or other different types of essays. 


Summing up the results, it is worth paying attention to the fact that anyone who wants to write an essay correctly, competently, and on any topic, should do it as consciously as possible.

If you understand why you are doing this and what is important, then this significantly raises your level of personal development, and also makes your text much more interesting.

To improve your skills in expressing thoughts, you can not only write essays but also leave personal feedback on issues that are interesting to you on different forums or comment sections on social networks.

This will help not only learn how to correctly express some of your thoughts, but also see the reaction of other people. They will either support you or argue with you. And you will get important experience. 


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