Which Are The Commonly Used HR Software in Middle East Countries?

Which Are The Commonly Used HR Software in Middle East Countries?

HR management software, the replacement tool for traditional accounting methods, is a popular option in companies, even replacing accounting software in several organizations and geographies. In earlier times, it was extremely challenging to keep track of the documents piling up on the desks and drawers of accounting officers.

However, with the advent of HR software, these tasks became quite simple. Currently, the usage of computers and automation has enabled organizations to adopt different types of software for different tasks. 

HR management software makes it easy to simplify the multiple, complicated processes of HR management. Even in the Middle East, countries such as the UAE and cities like Dubai have progressed tremendously when it comes to industrialization and urbanization.

There are now so many companies, both big and small, which employ huge manpower. Therefore, the HR department needs to carry out several functions, all at once. As a result, they are compelled to invest in a HR management software that is not only versatile but also offers customized, unique features. 

Below, we have listed some of the most commonly used HR software in Middle East countries, based on cost, features, usage, and functionalities.

Grey HR

GreyHR brings in a unique combination of HR management and payroll software. It makes it extremely simple to disburse payslips to each and every employee simultaneously, manage attendance, and keep track of employee lifecycle management and statutory compliance, among other functions. 

Grey HR is used by many international corporate giants such as Toshiba, Volvo, and Dell, to mention a few names.

Oracle’s Taleo

Yet another common HR software in Middle East countries is Taleo from Oracle. Combining functions like sourcing, recruiting, developing, and retaining the best talents in your company for the long term, Taleo is an ideal application to be installed by the HR department. 

Other benefits of Taleo include the facilitation of marketing promotions during recruitment, streamlining the process of employee automation, keeping tabs on their performance, and devising new methods for improvisation. Of course, we already know Oracle as one of the leading names when it comes to inventing premium solutions, with Taleo being the perfect example.

If you invest in Taleo, you can even cut down costs when it comes to identify and recruit new candidates. As a result, several organizations in the Middle East, including both large and midcap companies, are rapidly using it in their HR departments.


One of the most vital functions of the HR department is to manage the payroll aspect of employees. In certain companies, it is inevitable that the administration completely separates the HR and salary procedures. Paywings, a preferred option by many organizations across the world, is another popular HR software in Middle East countries. 

You can use this application to handle procedures such as keeping track of attendance by integrating it with the biometric system. With a user friendly interface, Paywings can be easily understood by anyone, can be personalized as per your requirements, and integrated with other third-party tools.


Agile technology is now the need of the hour. It ensures keeping real-time track of automated processes and comes with lean management tools. Sapience, one of the most popular HR management software in Middle East countries, enables the HR department to establish work patterns among different teams and varied applications. 

When you are able to recognize a trend in the work management techniques of different departments, you understand how you can devise new methods that will promote productivity and lead to improvisation of existing techniques. Sapience providers also give an option of a trial version if you wish to test it before investing on the whole package.


Peoplesoft, a HR software in Middle East countries, which is gaining prominence even worldwide, comes with many benefits such as low ownership costs, enhanced productivity, and fast-track business growth. It arrives embedded with payroll management that in turn helps you to manage attendance, performance, succession planning, recruitment, and other related procedures.

Peoplesoft includes everything related to  human resource management and payroll. This all-inclusive package helps you to ditch the traditional methods of micro- as well as macro-management and simplifies all your tasks. Another added advantage of this software is that you can use it to manage the payroll across varied geographies. 


Sage HRMS is the best bet when you wish to improvise your HR-related decisions and strategies, solve HR-specific problems, and promote the company’s goal and vision. One of the premium and successful HR software in Middle East countries, it is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

As a result, since the number of industries in this category exceeds that of large-scale enterprises, a huge chunk of ventures end up investing in it. It even comes at an affordable cost when compared to other applications.

Paylite HRMS

Paylite HRM lends benefits such as a centralized HR database, ability to be integrated across multiple companies, keeping tabs on employee loan accounting, combining with payroll, and ensuring data security. It even allows you to access employee data through the browser, track salary progression history, and check if your processes are in compliance with government guidelines. 

But what makes it so popular in the Middle East is its feature of Arabic content. As a result, it is no surprise why so many companies in this region end up using the software.

Gulf HR

Rounding up our list of most commonly used HR software in Middle East countries is Gulf HR. It offers functionalities such as employee attendance management, performance tracking, and integration with payroll and other functions.

Additionally, it helps HR officials to access real-time data on-the-go. Additionally, all of its communication is in Arabic language. So, there is no doubt as to why it is such as preferred option in the Gulf nations.

Well, here is our compilation of the best and most preferred HR software in Middle East countries. We have curated this catalog, based on features, percentage of customers, cost, and customization options of the mentioned applications. Do you think we have missed out any important names? Then do not forget to leave suggestions in the comment section below.


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