Information to Know About A Knuckle Boom Lift

Information to Know About A Knuckle Boom Lift

The knuckle boom lift tends to be an aerial work platform. It is made to be versatile and also flexible particularly for worksites. There are around five main kinds of aerial work platforms.

All of them are made for certain applications and possess various abilities. The following aims to give you information about the knuckle boom lift. 

What is it

This is a kind of articulated boom lift. It has a joint boom arm which lets the boom bend. There are certain features present which allows the equipment to be able to handle many types of activities. 

When in the air, the crane can extend as well as bend. A work platform is present instead of a bucket. This allows people to have more space to carry out the project. There is a turntable located at its base which lets the boom swivel. The operator can shift the equipment to various places of the site with it. 

Due to these abilities, the knuckle boom lift may be employed for various kinds of activities. 

Jobs that it gets used for

A knuckle boom lifter is good for tasks at the place that the work area tends to be tough to access. It can be ductwork which is hidden in some places along with structures that are located high upon some building. 

The equipment is able to go over and also around hindrances and so they can be put in front of the tough to access places. You can get a knuckle boom lift at EzyupHire for the following tasks:

  • Construction activities
  • Maintenance plus cleaning tasks
  • Electrical wiring along with piping

The use of small lifts can give one a safer option rather than using ladders or scaffolding. It is possible for workers to simply navigate across doorways and also in congested areas. 

The electric option is not noisy and does not give off threatening fumes. These are good for airports, malls, and other places where harsh noises should be avoided. 

The mobile boom lift is made for activities that need mobility to occur through the site. 


The following are some reasons why you should consider utilizing the knuckle boom lift:

  • They are made to function in confined places. They have a small base as well which can adjust in tight areas. 
  • They can reach over structures plus obstacles. They cannot go very much horizontally like certain lifts but can reach up, over as well as out, in a way that is better than other lifts. 
  • They do not give off harmful fumes and so can be used indoors. They employ non-marking tires and so will not harm floors. 
  • The equipment can be used in rugged terrain safely. 
  • The knuckle boom lift which has a boom extension can help moving it up as well as down. 

If the knuckle boom lift is correct for the project that you have it is necessary to find a good place where you can rent this or get it so that you do not face any complications.


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