5 Tips to Make Your Long Term Relationship Fresh and Exciting

5 Tips to Make Your Long Term Relationship Fresh and Exciting

Being in a long-term relationship is a fantastic experience. You spend time with the person you love and fulfill your dreams of having a soul mate. But there’s often one problem that rears it’s boring head sooner or later, and it’s called routine.

The more time you spend together, the better you get to know each other. And when you read from each other like from the open book, it’s understandable that the routine may start kicking in. 

Why do you think people cheat on each other or have midlife crises? Because they want to try something new, fresh and exciting. They hope to experience something that their relationship can’ give them anymore. But they are wrong.

Below you’ll find five simple tips that will help you give your long-term relationship something extra.

1. Try Something New Together

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it is as simple as it can be, it’s probably one of the best options you have. Why? Because trying something new can mean many exciting things. What are the examples?

Well, how about learning something new together? There are lots of classes you can take together. The usual examples are cooking or dancing lessons, but you can also try windsurfing, skiing, or art. The possibilities are endless.

Think about your dreams and things that both of you find exciting and interesting. Only then you’ll be able to enjoy them fully.

2. Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex in a long-term relationship is a topic of many jokes. Many people think that after so many years spent together, you stop treating sex as something exciting and start thinking about it as a necessity.

And while in some relationships it may be true, there are many things you can do to spice up your sex life. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Sometimes you may have to leave your comfort zone, but it’s going to be worth it. 

For example, you can start using toys while having sex. Experimenting with toys is one of the best ways to increase the level of excitement you experience in bed. You can find the best sex toys and buy them here.

3. Use the Element of Surprise

Even though it may be harder than at the beginning of the relationship, surprising your partner is still possible. All you need to do is simply come up with an idea that you’ve never thought of before.

There are a lot of great ideas that are waiting for you to try out. And if you can’t come up with something by yourself, ask around and check the internet. Keep in mind that your idea can be absolutely crazy. 

Think of something that your partner would’ve never thought of and surprise them with it. Let your imagination fly, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t do anything that your partner wouldn’t like. The surprise should have a positive outcome.

4. Stay Intimate and Show Your Affection

Many couples stop showing affection towards each other after a certain period of being together, which is a huge mistake. That kind of behavior may lead to losing intimacy you should have with your partner.

Some people think that showing love and affection is reserved for younger and inexperienced couples. It may be accurate, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop doing that when you’re in a long-term relationship.

Show your partner that you love him whenever you can, and you’ll keep your relationship alive. Stop doing that, and the spark is going to fade away.

5. Be Yourself

Everybody knows that one couple that does everything together. Moreover, usually, nobody likes that couple. Many people who are in a long-term relationship forget about being themselves. They blend and lose their identity.

And while some people may think that it’s normal, in reality, it isn’t. Be yourself and have your own life. You and your partner are going to have more topics to talk about, and you won’t fall into a routine of lying together on the sofa and watching TV.

Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to change your partner, and neither should he try to change you. Being different is often crucial to keep your relationship alive.


On the contrary to popular belief, long-term relationships can still be exciting and very much alive. You just need to follow certain rules and don’t forget about the essence and the reason you’re with someone. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things together if you’re scared of falling into the routine. Use the element of surprise, spice things up, stay intimate, and don’t forget to stay being yourself.

Follow these simple tips, and your relationship will stay fresh and exciting even after many years of being together. Don’t become the caricature of a long-term couple, and remember how exciting being mindful of each other can be.


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