Magical Google Maps Can Do Wonders

Magical Google Maps Can Do Wonders

Google Maps is no doubt one of the most useful tools Google has given to this digital world. It is now much more than a way of finding your destination from A to B. Google Maps has surely grown considerably over the years. The magical expansions of its tools are a valuable resource to use it in this digital world.

Google Maps is one of the applications that Google has spent most of its time handling and improving. Yet, the results speak for themselves. Maps have all types of powerful features and time-saving shortcuts that aren’t clear but are just in the making to be discovered. So grab your compass and get ready; it’s time to explore some of its most useful and off the beaten path methods.

Tell where you parked Open up Google Maps on your Android phone or iPhone and hit the blue dot that is notifying your current location. That will eventually pull up a secret menu with some convenient options including the capability to save your current parking location. You can somehow add in your own additional notes or photos and even set a timer to remind you when it’s time to change the position of your car.

While going back to your spot; look for the saved parking notification on your phone or just open up Google Maps and hit the parking location card at the bottom of the screen.

Share your current location while moving Do you want someone to find you or maybe just get to know where you are? Take a look at Google Maps simple system for real-time location sharing.

For trying it, open up Google Maps on your smartphone and hit the blue dot just like before, but this time select “Share your location.” You’ll be able to eventually set an end time for the location sharing or opt to keep it active until you manually switch it off.

Most probably you can then select any of your contacts to share with or get a private web link to paste wherever you want. By selecting “Share Trip Progress” You can also access the sharing function while in the middle of a Google Maps navigation by swiping up from the white block at the bottom of the screen.

That’ll share your location with whomever you decide on until you reach your desired destination.

Let you know what is nearby A magical yet brilliant sort of search is available in Google Maps, even when you are not navigating. Anytime you want to find specific types of places nearby or any other areas hit the search bar at the top of the mobile application and simply try these queries or the one which you like for example:

  • Petrol pump near the airport
  • Restaurants near the 3 rd street
  • Pharmacy near Niagara Falls
  • Fast food restaurants near me
  • Book shops near Indigo
  • Things to do near Young people’s theatre

You can also browse to see what’s nearby your current location by opening Google Maps on your smartphone and then scrolling and swiping through the Explore tab at the bottom-line of the screen.

Avoid traffic jams with estimation you can instantly find out how long a drive is likely to take at any given time with Google Maps smart traffic estimation tool. Search for a location in Maps desktop version and subsequently click the “Directions” button and position in whatever starting point you want.

At the bottom-line of the exact box where you typed the address, you’ll eventually see a line that says “Leave now.” Click the descending arrow next to that, then select either “Depart at” or “Arrive by” to view the possible traffic conditions and estimated route total for any accurate day and time.

Keep track on multiple points Want to go out for a morning jog or walk or maybe just know exactly how far you have to travel on a particular trip? Google Maps can accurately measure the distance between two or more points, all the way down to the second portion.

On your smartphone, hit and hold your finger on your starting point which will eventually cause a red pin to appear along with a white bar showing more information about the desired location. Swipe up on the block and select the “Measure distance” button, then use your finger and the blue icon to find and select the second point. Repeat as many times as needed to track your full path.

Locate red light cameras Fast and furious individuals can get help prevent getting a heavy ticket with this online application. It is quite simple; pick a regional map and the platform will give you the locations of all the red light cameras nearby you so that you may know where to keep your speed in limits.

Drive or navigate completely hands-free We are all being guilty of glancing down at our smartphones while driving to look ahead at the next turn, perhaps, or see how long is left in a U-turn. If you have an Android smartphone, there’s a better way:

Google Maps has a whole series of helpful voice instructions that will work whenever you’re driving and actively navigating.

Just say “Okay, Google” and then give instructions on these examples:

  • Navigate home
  • What’s the closest hotel?
  • Avoid tolls
  • How’s traffic ahead?
  • Take me to KFC
  • Find restaurants
  • Find gas stations

You can also instruct Google maps to make calls, send texts, play music, or look for your next possible appointment without even taking your eyes off the road.

Get information on your favorite concerts Passion for live music will appreciate this Google Maps tool called gruvr. Individuals can pin down concerts and live shows in their area within the next few days and click to get more information related to the artists and venues. It’s also possible to follow the track of your favorite artist or band all over the world.

Have you ever used Google Maps like these ways above? Do let me know in the comments below.


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