Make Creative Things With The Help of Paper Boxes

Make Creative Things With The Help of Paper Boxes

Paper boxes are one of those packaging solutions that are recyclable, reusable and cost-effective. In the packaging industry, no one can deny their importance regarding product safety, marketing capability and ability to reduce packaging costs of respective businesses. The reuse of these packages depends on the creative thinking of users. There are a large number of items that can be crafted out of these containers. After fulfilling the need for the packaging they can be shaped in anything that you can imagine. Here are some creative things listed for you that you can make with the help of these eco-friendly boxes.

1. Guitars:

Who does not love music and guitar sound? When it comes to reutilize the paper containers in a creative and unique way, the best thing to make is guitars. In developing guitars, you will require just a few cutting and gluing steps.

Trace out three guitar shape in the desired size, cut them out according to outlines with a hole at the center. Glue up two of the bigger pieces, cut rubber strings and attach them with the help of pencil bridges at both ends, attach the remaining guitar pieces with glue and let it be dry, your paper made the guitar is ready to have fun.

2. Cathouse:

It has been witnessed that cats and dogs love to play and sleep in cardboard and paperboard boxes. If you have a cat, you can make a beautiful cat house with the help of these sturdy packages just with some cutting and adhesion steps.

Take three boxes of the same size, draw windows and doors on them in the desired design, cut the doors and windows, assemble the bottom of the house, make the roof, cutting flaps and gluing all the edges to develop the desired shape. Let it be dry and after drying apply decorative materials and other add-ons for cats to make it happy. 

3. Maze Game:

The maze is a major puzzle game that is played from ancient times. With the help of this paper made containers, you can make your own maze game very easily. Just be creative and pick the best quality box. Cut it in a square and flat shape, for making hurdles and ambiguities cut different sized thin strips.

Now draw the outline of your puzzle of finding the right path to escape. Attach the strips to the flat sheet with glue or other linking means. If you are using glue let it be dried before coloring and decorating it. Your beautiful and creative maze game is ready to play.

4. Party décor:

If you are going to organize a party, there is no need to go to décor stores for decorative materials to decorate your house as you can craft out the decoration elements from empty Paper boxes for food with ease and perfection.

Create a flower wreath earlier to your following event with paper towel reels. Just shade, twist, stick and rope together.

5. Wall Art

Wall arts are usually considered an expensive thing and many people can not afford to buy them, but paper boxes for gift are an inexpensive way to make your walls decorated without too many costs and efforts.

Apply a covering of primer and silvery spray and then treat them just as you would a painting. Beautifying it with desired images and colors will allow you to decorate your walls more effectively without any high costs.

6. Planes

The toys like airplanes make kids happy and they can be crafted with the help of paper packages. You just have to do a few cutting and assembling steps. Take a medium box, knife, and adhesive tape. Make a sitting place by cutting the box’s top flap of one side.

Tape up the remaining sides to avoid creases. Cut the slits for wings, make wings, insert into the slits, make the tail, and make propellers and joint them with tape. Tape the propellers to the box and your paper board made airplanes are ready to play and having fun.

7. Handbag:

These paper boxes decorative are also able to be used for making a sturdy and durable handbag. You can make it with ease through some steps. Take a paper sheet and cut it in 2 handbag shapes, a 5″ patch of thick Kraft paper, shear the ends of the patch to shawl around the curvatures, and gum it on with good robust adhesive.

You can use clear tape to make them stronger. Make loops on both sides at top of the patch and add a handle for carriage. Use decorative materials to make them catchy.

Conclusion:There are too many ways in which custom paper boxes can be used to make creative things especially for kids and pets, but a few of them are listed here to encourage you to reuse your boxes effectively and make your beloved ones happy.

It will not only depict how much creative you are but also help you to save your money and avoid waste of boxes. They are not specific to make things for kids but entrepreneurial purposes as well, as by making useful things like handbags, guitars, and party decor you can earn a handsome amount of money too.


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