A Man’s Guide to Choose Leather Bracelets

A Man’s Guide to Choose Leather Bracelets

Back in time, courageous, strong warriors used to wear bracelets. The tribe leader used to wear a bunch of bracelets, and it was considered a trademark of the tribal leader. The bracelets made from leather, tusks, and fangs of animals were pretty popular. 

In the present era, bracelets for men have become a trend. You may have seen celebrities and models wearing bracelets. Be it a fashion show or a casual event; you will witness men carrying a bracelet. 

Everything that you need to know about bracelets for men:

Pharaohs, emperors, warriors and shamans they all used to wear bracelets—either metal or leather. Moreover, the leaders who had extreme wealth would often decorate their bracelets with stones, pearls and diamonds. 

With the change in time and trend, bracelets have now become a normal accessory for men. Each season the style changes, and a trend takes place. Some men used to wear only wedding bands and watches but now wear a bracelet. It gives a feeling of style and trend. Bracelets allow a man to express himself by his attire and personality. Besides, based on your preference, you can add any charm or initial. Also, there are a variety of materials when it comes to men’s bracelets.

What is trending among men today?

The bracelets’ trend is extremely popular—from celebrities to the common man, everyone now wears bracelets. Accessories made of the metal are also famous, but minimalist leather bands are trending these days. Moreover, based on the trend, the world’s leading brands are also working to create fashionable bracelets out of leather. 

Bracelets made out of natural, synthetic fiber and leather are popular among men today. Simplicity and minimalism are on-trend. Why leather bracelets are popular and how you can choose perfect leather bracelets—we have got the answer for you. 

Leather Jewelry for Men:

Leather bracelets are perfect for those who prefer to stay minimalistic. Nothing fancy, just a leather bracelet can increase and enhance the overall look and personality. Moreover, leather bracelets are also decorated with gold and silver details and wooden beads, laces and nautical charm. Also, you can wear colorful leather bands to create diversity. Such bracelets go well with all the outfits—casual, formal, street style, etc.

The best part about the leather bracelets is that they appeal to both young guys and business people. Leather bracelets are not just a style statement of teenagers and youngsters; they are popular among other ages too. However, it is important to choose the right style with a particular outfit, or else it will destroy the whole effect. 

Type of Modern Leather Bracelets:

There are different types of leather bracelets. Back in time, there used to be only a single leather band, but now you can choose from a variety of bracelets. Moreover, you can also add a touch of customization. 

Braided Leather Bracelets:

You must have seen celebrities wearing braided leather bracelets. Besides, in movies, when they show the scene of a beach or a summer party, the majority of the male heroes are shown wearing leather bracelets. Such bracelets make a fantastic choice for an everyday casual look.

Whether you are going to an office or a casual gathering, you can pair it up with your watch. You can also wear a leather bracelet according to the color of your outfit. Brown and red leather bracelets also look exquisite and appealing.  

There are different designs of braided leather bracelets. Some of them come with a magnetic clasp and multiple straps. The knotted designs also give a fancy look. Moreover, they also come in genuine black leather and sterling silver.

Based on the nature of the event, you can choose the leather bracelet. You can do so much more with this type of bracelet—add a touch personalization and customization. 

Personalized Bracelets:

When an accessory is personalized, it gives a different and appealing look. The wrap leather bracelets are any man’s favorite. A hand and custom made high-quality leather bracelet will enhance the look of any outfit. 

Also, such a bracelet will make a perfect gift. A metal engraved bracelet with name, date, or a unique code will look enchanting. Besides, you can also get a special message engraved, a meaningful quote, prayer, numerals or logos. Moreover, you can also keep these bracelets as merchandise for your business. 

Customized gifts are always the best; you can also get an engraved heartbeat bracelet or do a sound message. The combination of metal plates and the leather band would look extremely exquisite. Such personalized gifts add a touch of personal feeling and togetherness. Also, it looks stylish and unique. 

What wrist do guys wear bracelets on?

Usually, there is always a rule of thumb for wearing an accessory—especially for men. Back in time, wearing a bracelet on the right was considered to be a strict rule. Today, there is no such rule, and you can choose which hand you are more comfortable with. Everyone has their own style, and one must follow their preference and comfort zone. 

Besides, based on a general observation: right-handed people wear a bracelet on their right hand and left. In contrast, the same rule works the other way around for left-handed people.

However, if you want to wear your bracelet and watch on the same hand, the bracelets should be above the watch and not below the watch. Both the pieces should move freely without bumping into each other. 

Apart from the decision of the wrist, there is one more common question. How many bracelets can be worn at the same time? There is no such restriction on the number of bracelets, just keep in mind that do not go overboard with style. All the accessories that you are wearing compliments to each other in style, color-scheme and texture. 

Pro-tip: If you are wearing the watch and the bracelet on the same hand, make sure that the bracelet is thinner in size. As a sizable bracelet will not look good with a watch. 


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