10 Most Expensive Brand Lighters in the World

10 Most Expensive Brand Lighters in the World

Lighters are a unit addition of trade goods to smokers, preferring having a handy and classy lightweight. They are some things that they need to stay with them continuously. As we know that the design, the fabric of the outside, lighting capability area unit a number of the options that augment the worth of those lighters.

Do you know that the first lighter was invented in the year 1823 by Johann Wolfgang Dobereine?

This lighter was names “Döbereiner’s Lamp”. And It was introduced in Germany.

This is one of the oldest lighter in the world, named A trench art lighter.

Now Coming back to our post’s main focus, here are the 10 Most expensive brand lighters in the world.

Here we are going to list down the most expensive lighters from the lowest price level to the highest price level.

1. Dunhill Gold Apex ($13000)

In the smoking industry, Dunhill is one of the most popular and largest names. It is one of the best lighter brands in the world.

It is known for making attractive and fancy lighters.

Their first lighter was launched in the year 1923. Dunhill was the first company to develop a butane gas lighter in the world.

In the year 2004 to celebrate the Elvis connection. Dunhill manufactured only 50 pieces of their very fancy and attractive lighter. These lighters were launched for $13000 each.

The material used to make them was 18-karat yellow gold. That’s why they were very costly lighters and included in the list of the world’s most expensive lighters.

2. Zippo 1933 Model ($18,000)

Zippo is a manufacturing company in the United States. Incorporated in the year 1932 and produced their first zippo lighter in the year 1933.

Zippo is one of the best lighter brands.

Zippo lighters became very famous after world war II. Their initial first model, which was introduced in 1933, is still very famous among smokers.

This model of the zippo lighter was very classy and unique. And an interesting fact about this model is that no precious metal was used to manufacturing this model. The material used for making this lighter was Solid Brass.

In 2001, this model was purchased for $18000 at a swap meet in Tokyo. Later in the year, 2002 company for its collection bought one valued at $12000.

This makes the zippo 1933 model lighter, one of the most expensive lighter in the world.

3. Cartier watch lighter ($18998)

Cartier is not indigent to any introduction. This company was incorporated in the year 1847 in Paris.

The material used to make this lighter was 18-carat gold, and many precious metals were also used to make this.

when it was sold-out for $18998, the Jacques Cartier Watch lighter was the foremost costly lighter ever sold-out on eBay.

4. Faberge Jewelled and White Enamelled Lighter ($30000)

Faberge Jewelled and White Enamelled Lighter handcrafted between 1908to 1911 pioneer Henrik Wigstrom was the designer of this lighter. This lighter was designed in his signature style.

White enameled and gold York was used to make this lighter.

The shape of this lighter is a rectangle with adjusted corners.

In the year 2010, it was sold for $30000 at Christie’s auction house.

5. Cartier Black Enamel and Diamond Lighter ($34,375)

Sometimes lighter often becomes a piece of jewellery. Cartier black enamel lighter is a perfect example of this.

Some Lighters generally become quite a gem, signifying associate degree exquisite style. This softer camp-made Cartier Black Enamel and Diamond in Paris could be a piece of an art movement that transcends time.

The square-shaped lighter with a fancy structure is made of Pt and metal, with the system disclosed by a diamond-set cowl.

The diamond-set is made-up of a pair of .75 carats of no but 80-year-old single-cut European diamonds. In 2013, Doyle the big apple oversubscribed the lighter for $34,375, antecedently owned by one in every one of the last members of 1 of America’s most potent families, Consuelo Commodore Vanderbilt Earl.

The lighter’s interior is black adorned with a gold-decorated bottom edge. the whole weight of the diamonds is a pair of 2.75 karats.

6. Zippo windproof lighter ($37,600)

Zippo is one the best lighter brands in the world. Zippo made several lighters which were sold for a heavy price, one of them was Zippo windproof Lighter.

Brass was used for making this lighter.

This lighter is the most expensive one ever produced by zippo. On the 75th anniversary of zippo in the year 2007, this water and windproof lighter were sold for the whopping price of $37,600.

This lighter is being continuously used by royal peoples to show their niche class.

7. Faberge yellow enamel ($65650)

This unique and fancy lighter was handmade by Vladimir Soloviev in the early 1900s in Russia. Among smokers, this one is the most popular, and the fancy design of this lighter makes this more attractive.

Multi-colour gold was used to make this lighter.

This lighter is extremely rare and perfect for the collection.

This one was sold in the year 2011 by Sotheby’s for $65,650.

8. S.T DUPONT LIGNE 2 ($79,000)

S.T Dupont is a company well known for making luxurious items.

This lighter was introduced by S.T Dupont company in four different colour variants.

The first variant was a gold colour variant made out of pure gold and the second one was a silver colour variant made out of silver and diamonds, and the third one was a white variant made of a white gold metal, and the last one is a rose variant and material used for this was rose gold.

A special fact about this lighter is that it contains a matching pen for every variant. Each variant consists of 462 diamonds total of 5.2 carats.

The price for this was $79000.

9. Faberge Imperial table lighter ($136,000)

This lighter is very famous among art lovers. This art mastery was sold out in the year 2012 at Christine’s auction house for $136,000.

Because of the artistic mastery of this lighter, it was sold at a very expensive price and stood at 2nd position.

This exceptional handmade art was made in the early 1900s. And it was made by Russian artists.

10. Jadeite Ashtray and Lighter ($254,000)

Now the wait is over here in the world’s most expensive lighter.

Just look at this fancy lighter. Isn’t a very attractive and unique style lighter.

Now you must be wondering which material is being used for making this fancy and world’s most expensive lighter?

Jadeite is one of the precious and toughest materials in the world. It was used for making this lighter and silver was used for making the frame for this lighter.

This fancy and unique lighter also contains ashtray in it. It was sold in the year 2011 at auction for a mammoth price of $254,000.


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