The 3 Absolutely Necessary Levels Of Care At Retirement Homes You Need To Look For

The 3 Absolutely Necessary Levels Of Care At Retirement Homes You Need To Look For

Retirement Homes

You may not have known how intensely senior citizens need care in a retirement home. With 50 years of experience and 30,000 people as part of their senior community, our friends at St Dominic Village helped us figure out the 3 absolutely necessary levels of care that are required at a retirement home. 

The Decision

The decision to place a loved one in a retirement home is a really hard one and it takes a lot of courage to make that decision for yourself and your family. This decision will not only impact the loved one you will be sending to a retirement home but also you and the rest of your family involved. It is hard to understand but sometimes this is the best thing to do for your loved ones. It almost comes to you like a realization when amidst your busy life you are unable to take care of them and truly give them the time in energy that they deserve.

The Criteria

The criteria that you need to keep in mind for a good retirement home is one where your loved one will be treated with love, respect, and care. No matter the type of illness or bodily weakness they are experiencing, they need to be made to feel like they belong and they are well taken care of. In today’s world, the reality is that most retirement homes do not come with the kind of human sentiment that we think is a characteristic trait for them.

The Three Levels Of Care

Whenever you are out there looking for a retirement home for your loved ones, you should keep in mind that there are three levels of care that are required at an older age for most senior citizens. it would be really necessary to understand that these levels of care vary depending on the physical strength of your loved one. 

1. Independent Living

The very first level is that of Independent living and it is the very starting of the care levels because mostly the senior citizens who act for independent living have no such dependency and need for personalized care. You may even think of it as a senior citizen who can remember to take their own medication, can walk and eat without assistance, and can easily do everyday tasks on their own without any stimulus from the outside.  

2. Assisted Living

The second level of care would be that of assisted living where you are loved one is not completely unable to take care of themselves but they do need assistance with a few things. It could range from assistance in changing to eating and any other everyday tasks that they are unable to perform on their own.

3. Rehabilitation And Nursing Care 

The Third Level is that of rehabilitation and nursing care where a qualified professional nurse is available all the time for your loved one because there in need of dire and personalized attention. This type of care may be important for your loved ones if they are suffering from some sort of physical or muscular disease that inhibits them from walking or performing even the slightest of everyday tasks.