30 May 2023

6 Top Nike Prescription Glasses of 2021

Getting a great pair of glasses doesn’t depend on the price tag, as you will find that price and a fancy name doesn’t always equal high-quality materials or durable construction. When looking for prescription glasses, you can trust both the name and quality standards of Nike. 

Thousands of satisfied users have put their stamp of approval on Nike glasses, and industry suppliers like Safety Gear Pro also choose to carry several of the top-ranking prescription products from Nike. Here’s your guide to the best Nike prescription glasses of 2021.

1. Nike 7070/3

Able to be purchased in several different colors, wearers rave about the comfort level these glasses provide. Being lightweight, these prescription glasses can be worn all day without discomfort or irritation.

They are stylish and trendy, with open rims along the sides of the lenses. They can be customized to fit distance, reading, or bifocal vision needs. The lenses are scratch-resistant, making them a strong choice for both inside and outdoor use.

2. Nike 8179

Satin navy is a popular color for these male glasses option, and the five-star rating makes it easy to see why this is a top choice for men looking for Nike prescription glasses.

The price tag doesn’t diminish the super quality of the product, which comes with a UV protective coating, anti-scratch coating, and anti-reflective coating. These features make it more convenient to wear the glasses to work, at home, or during hobby activities or sports.

3. Nike 8098

For sports enthusiasts or outdoor activists, these glasses carry multiple benefits with a stylish design. The blue hues generate an air of excitement and portray an athletic vibe, and the overall look is embraced by men and women alike.

The frames are lightweight, almost the point of feeling nonexistent. This pair provides durability and functionality, complete with the Nike trademarks of anti-scratch resistance and UV protection. They can be customized to any bifocal, nearsighted, or farsighted prescription.

4. Nike 7034

For a pair of glasses that excel in the department of style, the Nike 7034 in Matte Anthracite/Rage Green should be at the top of your list. However, fashion isn’t the only thing this pair of spectacles brings to the table.

This is an affordable pair for men who need distance lenses, reading glasses, or bifocals. Both the frame and lenses come with the guarantee of high-quality materials known to set Nike prescription glasses apart from the rest of the industry, including the anti-reflective coating that reduces glare.

5. Nike Maverick

Prescriptions don’t have to be isolated to glasses used for reading or driving. Nike has raised the bar on sunglasses by offering many of their favorite sunglass protections with prescription options.

The Maverick is one of Nike’s best-selling sunglasses, giving wearers a lightweight but flexible nylon frame. The comfort level allows wearers to use the glasses on the golf course, at the beach, or hanging with the gang. There is a custom fit around the nose, thanks to an innovative temple cushioning and ventilated nose bridge.

6. Nike Windshield Pro M

A semi-rimless option of sunglasses, this pair uses a plastic frame and stylish coloring to stand out. While they can be ordered as standard sunglasses, adding a prescription makes them more useful in everyday situations or high-intensity activity.

The polycarbonate frames are lightweight, and the lenses feature anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-dust, and UV protection coatings. The wrap-around features of the lenses prevent the rays of the sun from coming in through the edges and distorting your vision.

Whether you are needing a pair of everyday use glasses or you want to upgrade your sunglasses with a prescription, you will find the selection of Nike products perfect for your needs. Safety Gear Pro carries a wide selection of Nike glasses, and you can be confident that you are ordering from one of the most trusted names in the industry.