Can I have Prescription Lenses Put in My Own Frames?

Can I have Prescription Lenses Put in My Own Frames?

Everyone has had that specific pair of eyeglass frames that are just the perfect design and fit for them. Letting go of it would be quite tricky as it’s almost close to impossible to find another type of eyeglass frame that’s comfortable for someone’s specific head size.

Though when the time comes when you’re going to get new lenses, you might be wondering if you can use your favorite Frame to place them in.

This isn’t what most people opt to choose, but it’s an excellent method to save yourself from buying a new expensive frame and finding one that’s perfect as your old eyeglasses. 

Where to Purchase Replacement Lens

According to Allaboutvision, as long as your lens isn’t shaped too complicated then and your Frame is in good condition, then you can replace your lens in an optical store in your vicinity. You need to get a quick eye exam to get the correct lens fitted to your old Frame.

Another option to look for your replacement lens is to go to online optical stores where they can make a prescription lens. All you need to do is to let them know what type of eyeglass frame you’re currently using so that they’ll cut the lens according to size.

Cost of Replacing Old Lenses

Eyeglass lens replacement is a cheaper option compared to purchasing a pair of new prescription glasses. Though the price of buying new prescription lenses will depend on the type you’re going to get and what optical store you’re going to choose.

Some stores can offer you basic prescription lenses as low as $35. But if you’re planning on putting additional items on your lenses such as anti-glare coating or transition lenses, then you’re going to expect that it’s going to get quite expensive. offers all these with more convenience and at an affordable price.

Can I use Any Frame?

According to Foreyes, you can use an eyeglass frame for your new prescription lens. You can even use your sunglasses by replacing their lenses with your new prescription frame. 

Though this doesn’t work the other way around as there is some prescription lens that isn’t compatible with your preferred Frame, whenever you’re going to take an eye exam, the specialist might tell you that the lens you’re going to need might have limitations regarding what type of Frame is compatible with it.

If your Frame isn’t compatible with your new lenses, you shouldn’t worry too much as there’s always a way to fit it in. Some optical stores offer to cut the lens into the shape of your Frame so you won’t have to replace your Frame with a new one.


Have you been having any trouble seeing clearly with your current glasses? Well, maybe it’s time to get new prescription lenses. There are various optical stores available online that are sure to help you out by replacing your old lens with brand new ones to let you see clearer.


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