Why SEO is Important For Your Online Business

Why SEO is Important For Your Online Business

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a type of digital marketing strategies used to improve website rankings and search visibility through the major search engine platforms like Google and Yahoo.

At the present time of this digital era, It’s firmly believed as one of the most imperative digital marketing methods for commercial businesses and corporations and any types of organizations or even individual one who is in need of promoting something to the eyeballs through the online search engines.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the various reasons as to why SEO is essential for your website and maximizing the business growth.

Website Visibility

According to WorldWideWebSize.com, it’s estimated that 6.18 billion pages are being indexed on Google (Wednesday, 19 February, 2020). In this regard, the actual figure might be even higher with all the web pages that failed to be detected by the system, and as the tendency in how fast it grows every year by year in the world wide web and internet, there are high chances that it would grow even faster in the next few years to decades.

So how do you ensure your website is accessible online and stands out among all the other websites? Ordinarily, ranking on Google plays a significant role in site visibility; hence that’s why SEO is vital for your business.

In essence, when people search for certain products and services online, your website appearing in search results is a clear indication that more people will visit your site and probably get familiar with your business. (Brand awareness)

What does this mean to your business? Of course, impressions and most likely conversions are a key objective in most companies.

SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

Trust is a critical element of online businesses. Millions of websites offering the same or similar  services compete for the same online audience, primarily through google, bing, social media, and all other forms of advertising. 

What does this mean to your business? Consequently, it would help if you revamp your SEO strategies to boost visibility on organic search results. As a tendency, clients’ trust towards a website grows when they see a website appearing frequently over a course of time during their use of internet and research for what they pursue to buy. The more frequent times a website appears in search engines, the more people tend to trust it, which eventually helps in winning more clients due to the brand familiarization.

SEO Means Better User Experience

SEO, which is about search engine optimization, impacts positively on better user experience. Slow loading sites, challenging to navigate webpages, is a turn  off  to most clients which impacts  negatively on your business. Very few people will stand a slow, poorly optimized website in the process of researching before making online buying decisions. User experience has a high impact on how people view your firm, hence the reason as to why  SEO is essential in the current online business environment.

SEO Means Better User Experience

SEO: Highest Conversion Rate

Web site traffic is a crucial element when evaluating the overall value of a website. Because the amount of web traffic you gain is the most primary determinant of your online success. It potentially determines the number of your potential customers, leads and, subsequently, the number of sales as the destination goal. One thing so clear is that all aren’t possible without traffic from sources online, mostly importantly from search engines.

We can easily spot on many business and website owners whine about how low website traffic they get to their new website. The scenario comes quite similar to when you newly open a physical shop, and customers hardly make their way into your shop. The experience is comparable with when you just open your brand new website that doesn’t pull enough of web traffic and potential customers.

Without doubt, this is where a lot of effort should be made for increasing traffic and improving your SEO, simply because Google doesn’t much favor new websites to rank to any visible points due to the low credibility relatively, compared to established websites and domains. It surely requires long term effort and SEO strategies especially in the beginning.

According to multiple sources, Google organic SEO is reportedly said that it has the highest conversion rate as 14.6% after Youtube video channel as 16%. It’s the second highest conversion rate at which you can achieve leads from your potential customers and clients from organic SEO.

If you wonder why so high: it’s so simple that “inbound traffic” should be always easier to convert than outbound outreaches. The traffic coming from Google organic searches are kind of “ready-to-go customers” who are ready to buy from you. Their searches are made behind their high intent to seek information and purchase what they need. They’re such proactive searchers because they need to find a thing and purchase one. When someone is looking for a nice couple ring for his girlfriend and their 5-year anniversary event, he might grab his phone and  googling on a search query like, “best online handmade jewelry shop”. Then your page is appearing in the first sight of his eyeball, it’s no brainer that the possibility that he converts to your website gets much much higher than other unsolicited adverts.



SEO is known as the most cost effective marketing method.

Theoretically, it costs nothing for building your SEO and target organic searches (unless buying links or hiring an SEO agency). It’s even long lasting effectiveness once you rank on Google; your rankings usually don’t change drastically and it’s quite stably pulling organic traffic (also highly qualified traffic) to your website over a period of time. Not to mention, it’s traffic completely free of charge whilst other paid adverts charge you at every click and lead.

Even if you spend money on your SEO, for instance, for linking building or hiring a SEO agency, the cost couldn’t compare with the cost that you spend on other paid advertisement like PPC. And ultimately, what you should look at regarding SEO is, like mentioned in the other paragraph, the 2nd highest conversion among all the digital marketing methods. 

Competitive Edge

Search engine optimization keeps a business on top of the game. The existence of several companies offering the same services scrambling for the same clients means extra sustained SEO strategy is needed to sustain the momentum. With consistency and less competitive keywords, your site will more likely rank higher, resulting in more clients than competitors.

Competitive edge

Targeted visitors

Through the use of appropriate keywords, a business can target visitors from specific locations and demographics. The concept saves the hustle of wondering about how to get the right site visitors. In this case, it’s easier to generate quality targeted leads  a critical ingredient in bolstering conversions.


Search engine optimization can be sustained for a more extended period. With a proper long term SEO strategy, a business can maintain both profitability and the low cost of SEO due to its cost-effective nature. With new SEO strategies developed consistently, different concepts can be implemented in the process to achieve better long term results.

Results can be quantified

Search engine optimization results can easily be quantified through google analytics.compared to other forms of promotions; SEO can be used to plan and budget for future strategies. Under those circumstances, it’s easy to measure results by analyzing traffic results, thereby making it easy to determine whether an SEO strategy attained its stipulated objective.

Mobile Friendly

A considerably high number of people across the globe use mobile  devices compared to desktop due to its portability. Visibility in mobile searches is essential to get more traffic through  mobile devices. With mobile responsive and , user-friendly websites through SEO have high chances of getting more traffic, which helps in the determination of site ranking on google.

Improves Buying cycle

Through the implementation of strong SEO strategies, your pages remain in SERPs with a multitude of keywords over time. It helps regain visibility to repeat customers and it helps lead them to revisit your website. In the process of generating recurring traffic to your site, a re-buy wouldn’t be a thing impossible. In fact, it generates higher chances of re-purchases and shortens the frequency of the buying cycle in the end.

Of course, the high visibility alone can’t make it the whole. A pretty handful of other factors are also there affecting your customer purchase decisions like their user experience on your website, product quality, landing page, and name a few. However, the fact is that you can’t make anything without long standing exposure and repeat customers that regularly visit your site, which SEO can do help for your website and business.


Search engine optimization plays a critical role in boosting your sales online and growing your business in a long term view..With a great SEO strategy, the chances of more sales through search engines get higher, compared to other forms of advertising.

Stiff competition in varied sectors calls for a better marketing strategy that will ensure an organization gets clients. Indeed, SEO can be capitalized on in many marketing aspects and its various benefits gifted for a business. SEO can be a lead magnet for your business, SEO can be a strong client funnel for your business, SEO can be the lowest cost marketing method for your business that you can save plenty of money spent for advertising. It has got so many possibilities that converts into excellence for you.

This is why SEO is essential for your business.


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