How to Pick the Perfect Software and Accessories for Your New Computer

How to Pick the Perfect Software and Accessories for Your New Computer

When you go to buy a new computer the first things you’re going to consider are its performance, how it looks, maybe the manufacturer and the specifications. You then get your new computer home and realise that there were a fair few other things to consider as well, such as the software and accessories.


There’s no point in buying a high spec computer if you don’t have half of the other things you need to go with it. It’s important to think about the software and accessories for your new computer, so this guide will help you make those vital decisions.

What comes with the computer

First of all, find out exactly what comes with your new computer. If you’re buying a PC then you have to remember things such as a monitor, keyboard and mouse. If you’re going for a laptop then what about a case to carry it around in? Depending on where you’re buying your computer from, you may be able to secure a deal for extra accessories and software. In most cases, the salesperson may throw in an accessory or two, just to seal the deal. Software can be pricey, so find out exactly what comes with your new computer. Essentially you want to have at least the basics covered, including a copy of the Operating System and an Office package. You’re unlikely to get these for free, even opting for the highest spec computer available, so be prepared to haggle.

What do you need?

Once you’ve found out what your PC or laptop comes with as standard, as well as what they’re willing to throw in for free, you can then make a list of all the extra things you need to buy. If you’re thinking about getting the software and accessories you need from the same place then wait, and shop around! You’ll probably find that you can get things cheaper if you spend some time looking online. Some of the big name stores will hike the prices of their most popular accessories and software, in the hope that you’ll just buy them out of convenience. Instead, use the internet to find out the real prices you should be paying.

What do you want?

There’s a big difference between what you actually need and what you might want with your new computer; depending on what you’re going to be using the PC or laptop for. As an example, a photographer may need a program such as Photoshop, whereas this is just a ‘need’ for your everyday computer users. Here are some of the extra things you may want to buy with your PC:


   Wireless accessories – You can get a wireless keyboard and mouse, for either a PC or a laptop. However, it is probably cheaper to go for the wired option unless you really need wireless capabilities.

   External HDD – An external hard drive is handy for those who are planning on using their computer for a lot of multimedia or to store plenty of important documents. It is also handy as a backup tool, just in case anything were to go wrong.

   Extra software – There are tons of software programs out there that could be useful on your new computer. Photo and video editing software, games and even educational tools can all be purchased once you’ve got the essentials. Don’t forget your anti-virus protection, however, as this is a must-have for any new computer.

Next time you go shopping for a new computer, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for. You want a PC or laptop that suits your needs, but also software and accessories that are vital too. Remember to try and haggle in order to get some freebies, before shopping around to find the extra bits and pieces you want.