Tamil Rockers Website – All You Need to Know About

Tamil Rockers Website – All You Need to Know About

Tamil Rockers! The name creates a lot of excitement and curiosity among the readers. The name might sound like that of a band too. However, it is not what you expect it to be. It is the perfect spot for movie lovers, especially Tamil movies and Tamil dubbed movies.

Tamil Rockers Website

They provide a platform for watching and downloading the latest copyrighted movies online. It is not just restricted to movies, but one can also keep track of their favourite television shows, music videos etc., as well. However, it comes with a cost, a bit too heavy to pay for.

Tamil Rockers in Detail

South Indian movies are the major highlight of Tamil Rockers Website. It is the circle where Tamil Rockers website is popular and has the most number of viewers and subscribers. Most of the movie lovers are familiar with websites like Torrent. Tamil Rockers is sort of a mini version of that. It makes use of Torrent files to make the download possible.

If you are in search of a new movie, all you would need to do is to go to the website and search for the movie. If it is available there, then you can download it easily and enjoy it to the fullest. This is a pirated website. In addition, thereby, one ought to be careful while downloading from here. Pirating movies is a criminal offense in India. If got caught, he would have to accept whatever punishment the court gives him.

Think Twice Before You Click!

The Tamil Rockers was born in 2011. They delighted the movie lovers by uploading the latest movies on the website at the earliest. Many movies were uploaded on the day of theatrical release. In addition, that did not go quite well. As mentioned before, pirating is a serious offense and it put three of the website owners, including the website administrator were behind the bars.

They were punished with imprisonment. The law did not spare them. If you need more proof to stay away from the website, then simply type the website name in the google search bar and run a search. No official website? Well, that does not sound so good now. Every authentic website has a well-designed and well-maintained website of their own. No matter how much you run your eyes through the search result you will not be able to find the same for this.

How to find Tamil Rockers website?

Google removed the website from its list. So know what you are dealing with. If there is no website, then how do people download the movies? Well, it is through the VPN. Click on the link and you will land straight into the website. But once you reach there, remember the three faces behind the bars. There is no grantee that you won’t get caught for downloading the movies from there as it has already been under the attention of law once.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the Tamil Rockers website. They had raised a lot of chaos during the time of the release of many big-budget movies, especially during ‘Sarkaar’, and Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’ They have a vast circle of audience and contributors across India and many parts of the world. Changing URL now and then is another trick to escape the eyes of authorities.

Once they ban that particular URL, they quickly jump into another and start the business again. They pay for the people who do the job of uploading the movies on the website. Chances are high that you could be trapped while trying to upload a pirated movie. Especially if it’s on the day of its release.

What is Piracy or Pirating?

It is the process of uploading or sharing copyrighted movies. With the growth of technology, piracy has become something common in many countries. The movie-makers put their life’s money into the films they make. But all their dreams and hopes are thwarted by the pirating circles. They record the movie from the theatre on the very day of its release.

And upload this copy online free for people to watch. Viewers, especially the teen and youth would download the movie from here and later share it among themselves. As piracy increased, laws also have been made strict and stringent. If got caught, one can expect severe punishment including imprisonment. With the help of IT officials, they track down the source of the upload and conduct a raid.

Piracy happens not through the Internet alone. It works actively through CDs and DVDs. The sellers may release the discs without acquiring permission from the concerned ones. In all these ways, it directly affects the revenue and can put the filmmaker in financial doom. Piracy takes place across the countries as well. CDs sent to the one country may be pirated there and passed on to other countries. This phenomenon is mostly seen in Middle East Countries.

The punishment for piracy includes imprisonment extending up to three years, and a fine of rupees ten lakhs. Either the convict would be charged with either one of this or in some cases both. Nearly 2.8$ is the loss caused by piracy in the field of entertainment. The hike in ticker prices is considered one of the few reasons behind the increase in piracy.

And as far as Indian movies are concerned, some of it is released in the Middle East before their release in India. It also paves the way for piracy according to the studies.  People avoid going to the theatre and spending a lot of money and depend upon such piracy websites where they can watch the movie in great clarity without spending a dime.


Piracy can never be supported. If you have a habit of downloading the latest movies from such pirated website, then kindly abstain from it. You are wrecking the dreams of a lifetime. Go to the theatres and enjoy the movie in its full glory. If you happen to come across any pirated website, bring it before the attention of authority.


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