The Best Investment Banking Certifications for the Professional

The Best Investment Banking Certifications for the Professional

The perfect way to attain mastery in the world of finance is to obtain the best degree for investment banking. Investment banking is one of the toughest jobs in the world which means you must prepare as much as possible. But how to break into the Wall Street? Here’s an overview of the best investment banking certification programs all around the world:

  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)-This is known as one of the most popular courses amongst the finance candidates. The demand for certified professionals is growing increasingly. The certificate is being awarded by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute and one needs to score appropriately in the CFA exam. The exam tests the individual based on his overall knowledge in the field of finance. With the certification, an individual is able to demonstrate his or her knowledge in investment banking, analysis, global economy, portfolio management, and several other financial topics. It includes three levels and takes up to four years to complete all the levels. The special focus of this certification is given to the investment analysis and portfolio management to build a solid foundation. This is one of the best degree for investment banking if you’re looking to break in the industry. With such a prestigious credential, you will be working for the top firms, banks, and investment groups all around the world.
  • CIBP (Certified Investment Banking Professional)-This certification is perfect for those who are eager to become investment bankers. Provided by the Investment Banking Council of America (briefly known as IBCA), CIBP is a great credential to pursue as it eases your entry into the world of investment banking. What makes it more attractive is that this certification can be pursued from anywhere in the world. A special resource box is been provided to the individual after registration and it is filled with necessary information regarding the course. Individual with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field of business, finance, management, or economics can apply for this certification. Known as one of the best degree for investment banking, CIBP offers a surefire way to land an awesome jobs in investment banking.
  • CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst)- Offered by the CAIA Association, this certification great for individuals who are looking forward to explore more about the asset management and hedge fund. The principle topics which is covered in this program are hedge funds, private equity, asset allocation, risk management, ethics, and real assets. This certification includes two levels and the cost of the certification is $3,000. The average individual takes up to two years to pass the level 1 and level 2 exams. The pass rates are high for both of the levels. There’s no prerequisite for the exam as long as you have a thorough knowledge about the core investment and finance concepts. After passing the exams, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree and one year of work experience to grab the CAIA title! It is known as one of the focused yet best degree for investment banking.

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