The Perfect Board Games to Play

The Perfect Board Games to Play

Board Games

Put away your gadgets and gather around for some good old-fashioned indulgence with board games – both old and new! No matter which game you love to play or the mode, be it online or offline – the break will do you good. 

Here you will find a short list of games across genres that will delight even the most fickle-minded gamer. These games are suitable for a minimum of two to multiple participants so that even large groups can join the fun for some organized chaos.  

The popularity of board games is such that the University of Pittsburgh has included classes on board games since 2019.  

Whether it’s the need to strategize that drives you, or an undemanding game playable with minimal fuss, there’s something on this list for everyone. Some games have online and offline variants; playing online is a good option if you lack company. 

1. Ludo:

Leading the pack is a game that needs no introduction – ludo. Best played between 2-4 players, this game offers up elements of both skill and luck. The player can download ludo on the device for a quick game while waiting for an appointment. 

The players circumnavigate the board to attain victory while hindering other players from doing the same. Taking out their tokens while preserving yours is a ludo game strategy the players can utilize. 

Players pick a color and place all the similarly colored tokens in the home base. The game begins with players looking to roll a six and get their coins out. Concluding the game involves all active players taking the coins home via the column the same color as their tokens. 

2. Battleship:

Battleship is a great game that requires strategy and patience. It’s a two-person game where players arrange their ships on a 10×10 grid identifiable by letters and numbers. The players sit facing each other, so neither can see the positioning of the rival’s vessels. 

Both players have to guess the location of each other’s ships in an attempt to sink them. Each player has two grids – one for placing their vessels and tracking the hits done against you and the other for marking the coordinates you’ve guessed of your rival’s ships. 

Players take turns calling out the grid locations of their opponent. In case of a miss, a white peg is used to mark the location; else, it’s a red peg.  

The number of hits each vessel can take before sinking varies with its length, and there are five ships in total to sink. 

The Battleship developer has made available the official version of the game for smartphones for fans of the game. There is quite nothing like taking the battle to the smartphone screen.

Get ready to man your battle stations!

3. Risk:

Do you wish to know what it feels like to rule the world? If so, the game of Risk is for you. The world map is depicted on the board, and the continents are split into smaller territories. 

There are 42 territories in all, and the players’ goal is to have all of them under their thumb. While eliminating other players is necessary, you must first indulge in diplomacy while preparing for a sneak attack. 

Make and break alliances as you conquer more territory. But be sure to watch your back, as the other layers will be plotting to seize territory from you. Nobody said total world dominations would be easy. 

Those wishing to try their hand at world conquest online will be delighted to know that the official version of Risk is available for Android and iOS devices.

4. Ticket To Ride:

The wonderful board game Ticket to Ride will have your whole family at the table ready for a round of this game. Despite involving a fair amount of strategy, it is easy to master. Playing this device on smartphones is also an option, with it being available for iOS and Android.

Players compete to build railroad routes through North America to connect major cities while hunting for resources. The real fun begins when players’ paths cross, thus making room for some healthy family competition.

Ticket to Ride’s intricate maps and engaging gameplay will have you reaching for this game often.

5. Star Wars – Outer Rim:

The famous Star Wars franchise also has a board game in the fray, which will undoubtedly grab your attention. Star Wars – Outer Rim has a smattering of dubious characters in the form of smugglers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters doing battle in the well-known Star Wars galaxy. 

The choice of characters includes a wide variety, from the reckless Han Solo to the lethal bounty hunter Boba Fett. 

While scrounging around for credits to build your ship and crew, carry out the “ask no questions” variety of odd jobs and use them for purchasing ship upgrades while becoming the dodgiest character in the Outer Rim.

Star Wars – Outer Rim is yet to be made available for smartphones. But its ingenious adaption of one of the most iconic movie franchises makes a trip to the nearest store worth it. 


Board games are not new, as they have been around for millennia. And have been a favorite of many ancient civilizations, among ordinary folk and royalty alike. 

The board game scene in the modern era is bigger and better than ever and offers many eclectic and fun games to choose from. Needless to say, you are in for a treat with the many board options appearing in the market.