Things to Keep in Mind Before Planning a Trip to Dubai

Things to Keep in Mind Before Planning a Trip to Dubai

Dubai has a hub of opportunities and entertainment. It is one of the safest countries for the tourists because of maintaining a zero percent crime rate. The cleanliness, towering structures, modern and innovative facilities, and the ease of communication are some of the favorable aspects of Dubai that compel tourists to explore the city.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, don’t worry anymore, because we have got you covered with the basic information you may need before planning a trip to Dubai. These are discussed below.

1. Everyone speaks English

In Dubai, almost, everyone speaks the English language because a great majority of the city belongs to different ethnicity. People are visiting across the borders, but find it quite easier to communicate with the locals in a global language.

The native language of Dubai is Arabic, but it is difficult for every tourist to get familiar with the language first and then communicate with the people. The use of English language is removing the hurdles to communicate and speak out your mind.  

2. Dress nicely

It is always recommended to dress moderately that is neither too revealing nor packing yourself head to toe. Dubai is not as much conservative as other Islamic countries, but dressing matters when you need to attend parties and visit holy places.

For example, you may experience women in a two-piece at the beach, but not in the malls. The common sense of dressing according to a sight-seeing place and a gathering applies.

3. Water is expensive than fuel

Being a major oil producing country, Dubai has an abundance of oil, but drinking water is expensive because of its hot temperature and regional difficulties. One liter of petrol can cost you less than 1 Dirham, but the water of the same quantity may cost you 2 dirham. It is almost twice the difference.

4. Right-hand driving

Dubai is a right-hand driving state that is followed by most of the American, European and Middle East countries. To most of the experts, right-hand driving is one of the safety measures to avoid accidents and unfavorable situations.

If you are from a country like England, Australia, or Pakistan; you may probably get confused about driving and moving around Dubai. Tourists who like to explore the city by driving themselves, they have to be familiar with the right-hand driving experience.

5. Hot weather but air conditioners everywhere

Dubai has an all-time hot weather. Unlike other countries, you cannot enjoy all the four seasons. But, to facilitate the locals, expats, and tourists, the administrators have assured all the public spaces to be cool enough with air conditioners. You will find centralized cooling in restaurants, hotels, malls, and even the bus stops and train stations.

6. Strict laws for drugs and alcohol consumption

Drugs are highly restricting in Dubai and the rest of UAE. You can neither carry nor consume drugs else you will have to face serious consequences. The law enforcement agencies are so strict in maintaining the law that they may arrest you if found drug traces on your clothes, shoes, or bags.

Alcohol is also not allowed to consume in UAE. The residents are required to acquire a license to consume alcohol, whereas tourists and foreigner can enjoy the favor at designated places only.

7. Friday and Saturday is a weekend

Dubai is a bit different on weekdays and weekends. First working day of the week is Sunday that is usually a holiday in other countries. So, be prepared for the change and have all the fun on Friday and Saturday.

8. Dubai has a busy airport

The increased commute makes the Dubai Airport the busiest airport in the world. People have to wait for the long queues for the clearance of their documents and luggage. As a rough estimate, you may be required to wait around 2-3 hours either you have to check-in or check-out of the airport premises.

9. Metro makes the city accessible

Metro train is brilliantly constructed in the city in a way that covers most of the sight-seeing places. It is a cheap and easy way to commute to Dubai. You can visit places like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Old Dubai, the Marina on the single route of Metro.

Pay attention to the signs while getting on the metro as there are dedicated wagons for kids and women where men are not allowed. One more thing, chewing a gum, and eating and drinking is prohibited on public transport. Do avoid it.  


Dubai is made beautiful with the modern and exquisite architecture and amazing infrastructure. It is more than a heaven not only for the tourists, but businessmen, educationists, and job seekers. You can make most out of your trip if you plan it well before arriving and knowing about the city.

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