Three White Basketball Shoes to Rock in Parties

Three White Basketball Shoes to Rock in Parties

As a response to the waning interest in basketball shoes and performance sneakers in general, manufacturers exert efforts to make their performance products have more of a lifestyle appeal. As a result, we now have shoes that are not only equipped with performance-enhancing technologies but are also aesthetically pleasing.


Of course, what’s beautiful is dependent on the wearer’s taste. Some may want a lot of loud colors on their kicks, while others love them to be more subdued. However, neutral monochromes such as all-white shoes seem to have this aura of sophistication that gets noticed by many, regardless of what their initial preference is.


Now, which all-white basketball shoes should you get if you want to make a statement in a party that you host?

Nike LeBron 15

LeBron James is definitely not the tamest personality that you will encounter. He is feisty, he plays hard on the court, and he fearlessly speaks his mind. Just check his Twitter if you want examples of his feistiness.


Just in 2018, he wore a mismatched white and black versions of the Nike Lebron 15 in one of his games. Each shoe has the word ‘EQUALITY’ embroidered in gold thread on the heel. These basketball shoes were released in celebration of Black History Month, and they surely make a loud statement against racial discrimination. These sneakers are a bit hard to find because they were released in limited quantities. But for sure, they will be available in the resale market. Be on the lookout for them because they are just cool.

Under Armour Curry 4 All-Star

Stephen Curry’s story is one of the most inspirational in the NBA today. He came from being a largely ignored athlete at Nike to being the huge star that he is with Under Armour. In celebration of his being captain of one of the teams during the 2018 All-Star Game, Under Armour released a white version of the fourth Curry shoes. The neat hue of the sneaker is said to pay tribute to Los Angeles, which is heralded as the city of angels. The pristine white upper also refers to the duality of Steph’s personality: he is composed and strategic as a leader but aggressive and unstoppable as a scorer.

Air Jordan 31 Low White

The legendary Michael Jordan is so great that his signature line still produces great sneakers long after he retired. The Jordan brand is now gearing for the line’s thirty-third release and there are still no signs that it’s stopping soon.


When we speak of white basketball shoes, a good option would be the Air Jordan 31 Low. This modern sneaker gets a lot of inspiration from the iconic Air Jordan 1; it just introduces a handful of structural and technological improvements.

White basketball shoes are not difficult to match with almost any outfit. They not only make you look good, they also save you lots of time. And if you’re thinking that the time you saved should be used in making sure that the party runs smoothly, you’re wrong. You can have event companies take care of that. Use the time instead on something more important: entertaining and mingling with your guests.


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