Top Most Ways in Which Our Mouth is Warning us About Bad Oral Health

Top Most Ways in Which Our Mouth is Warning us  About Bad Oral Health

How you would know when to fix an appointment at the dental hospital?


Dental hospital nowadays have an active emergency ward. Reason? People in India still do not take their dental health seriously. But that does not change the fact that toothache is one of the most common complaints in India. Tooth pain can range from mild to throbbing and in some cases to a constant state. The mechanism, however, is simply identifiable. The nerves in the pulp chamber send a signal in the form of a sensation. When the warnings are ignored, the mild sensations turn into a state of constant pain, where nothing but a visit to the dental hospital can come to the rescue.


There are various reasons why the teeth starts causing discomfort to the patient. It is important to understand when our body is in discomfort and act upon it. Listed below are the most common symptoms that are signifying you visit the dental hospital:


  • Severe Toothache– Without any doubt, dental cavities are the most common reason behind the pain in your mouth. Cavities are formed due to the attack of bacteria on the tooth as they eat through the tooth enamel. When the decay penetrates through the enamel, it is then when the tooth becomes hyper sensitive and causes so much pain and discomfort to the patient.


  • Sensitivity– If your teeth hurts while eating something cold or something hot, you sure have sensitive teeth. This can be an outcome of tooth decay, worm fillings, exposed tooth root due to gum recession.


  • Bleeding or sore gums– This is the first sign of gingivitis which further causes gum disease. This can be a result of brushing too hard or flossing inappropriately, in which case it would stop soon. But if there are regular signs of bleeding and soreness, you must get yourself an appointment at the dental hospital.


  • Mouth ulcers– the mouth ulcers can vary in their severity and also defer in their causes. But in any which way, the mouth ulcers are a serious sign of bad oral health. They can be because of an infection or some virus/ fungus. They can also be a result of the irritation caused by the dentures.


  • Bad breath– Bad breaths are not only a huge give away while meeting new people. It is an indication of your health. From what you eat, to not cleaning your mouth, smoking or other medical conditions,it is effected by everything. Bad health if persistent, can be a sign of gum diseases.


  • Sudden/ clicking Jaw pain– Jaw pain can be a result of many things but the most common reasons include sinus, toothache, arthritis and teeth grinding. Sometimes it might be a result of a previous or recent injury.


  • Dry mouth– Saliva is the mouth’s primary defense against tooth decay. It clears any leftover food and neutralizes acids produced by bacteria in the mouth. It helps fight those bacterial and prevent the tooth from decay. Having a dry mouth means non protection from Saliva and must be considered with a dentist.


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