Trash Cans For The Bedroom

Trash Cans For The Bedroom

Trash everywhere, including in the bedroom. The bedroom may not be a space in the house where you quickly think of placing a trash can, but it is not entirely unimportant to have a trash can here too. 

Especially if you not only sleep in your bedroom but also work at a desk, for example. Or just think of the children’s or teen’s room where a lot of junk is made.

How Do I Choose the Best Trash Can?

In almost every household, owning a trash can is essential. A trash can ensures hygiene and also prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. No wonder in some households there is a trash can in every room! 

Buying a trash can is not always easy because of the wide range and different shapes and sizes. On this page, you will find a handy step-by-step plan with which you can determine which trash bin is suitable for you and your household. Always start your search for the right bin with the question: What do I need a bin for? 

When buying a trash bin, the first question you need to ask yourself is: what do I need the trash bin for? For example, a small trash can is better suited for the bathroom or bedroom than in your kitchen. A trash can in the kitchen is often used throughout the household and how big it should depend on the size of the household. Usually applies:

  • The volume of 20 to 30 liters  is suitable for a household of 1 person
  • The volume of 30 to 40 liters  is suitable for a household of 2-3 people
  • The volume of 40 to 60 liters  is suitable for a household of 4 people (on more)

Do you choose a small trash bin with a large household? Then it will often happen that the trash can is filled up quickly and those unpleasant odors are formed.

Where do you place the trash?

Before you purchase a trash can, you should carefully consider where you will place the trash. As mentioned before, a large 60-liter trash bin will not fit well in a small bathroom, while a small 3-liter trash bin will not have enough volume to fit in your kitchen.

It is not possible to fit a large trash can in some kitchens or living rooms. When this is the case you can always choose to choose a trash can with a special shape.  You can easily place semicircular trash can against the wall, which saves a lot of space. 

A rectangular you can also easily put the trash can in an unused corner so that the trash can does not get in the way. A built-in trash can is placed in a cupboard, saving you even more space.

Waste separation

The next question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to use waste separation. Some trash cans come with an extra bin to separate garbage. These duo waste bins are ideal for people who like to deal with their waste in an environmentally conscious manner. 

In these separate waste bins you can, for example, dispose of your GFT waste or your paper separately. In some bins, you even have several separate bins so you can store all your garbage separately.

Trush can lid

Now that you know what you want to use the trash bin for, what size you need and where you want to place the trash bin, you are well on the way to purchasing a suitable trash bin. Now you can find out which specific functions the trash should have. 

For example, how the lid of the trash can function. Some trash cans open with a sensor, others with a handy pedal. Through the overview below you can easily see the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of lids.

Pedal cover
The pedal bin is equipped with a handy mechanism where you can open the trash can without using your hands. By pressing the pedal with your foot, the lid opens and you can easily throw away your garbage. As a result, the lid does not get dirty quickly and this construction provides a hygienic solution for the disposal of garbage.

Sensor lid
The trash cans with a sensor are very user-friendly. You can move your hands above the lid to open the lid. Because you do not have to recommend the trash can and the lid, these trash cans are very simple and hygienic to use. In addition, the opening is often silent.

Touch lid
The trash cans with a touch system are very easy to open. You press gently on the lid of the trash and it opens easily. When you have your hands full, a push with your elbow or hip is also enough to open the trash. The lid remains open after use until you press it to shut yourself.

Swing lid
You can easily open a trash can with a swing lid by pushing the lid inwards. These trash cans are very easy to open and close. After use, the lid automatically falls back and the trash can is closed again.

Push lid
A push lid is easy to use. You push the lid in when you want to throw something away. The moment you release the lid, the lid closes again. Thanks to the sturdy spring, the lid opens very controlled and closes very controlled.

No lid
In some cases, a normal lid is used or no lid is present. These trash cans are mainly suitable for garbage that cannot rot because the lid does not stop unpleasant odors. Most open trash cans, therefore, function excellently as a paper bin.

Extra functions

In this last step of the step-by-step plan, you can see whether the trash can has extra functions that you want to use. These extra options make for a particularly user-friendly trash can:

– Flame-extinguishing system. When this trash closes, the inside is deprived of oxygen, which means that any burning products will be extinguished in the trash. Very safe for the home or office.

– Stay-open function. Some trash cans have a function to remain open. This is of course very useful if you often need the trash during cooking or cleaning.


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