Travelling Along With Pets For Different Places

Travelling Along With Pets For Different Places

Traveling with pets can be fun and fun. If traveling with family is good, can you imagine in the company of your pet? But, how to travel with pets? For many people, this is almost an impossible mission, but rest assured, that traveling with them is not a seven-headed bug.

Follow the tips and learn how to make your trip become even more incredible.

How to Travel With Animals

If you like adventure and fun, why won’t your four-legged friends like it?

And, if you think it is impossible to travel with them, by the end of the post you will discover how to travel with the furry family in a simple and safe way.

Can I Travel With Pets?

The quick and direct answer to that question is: yes, you can – in fact, this has become a real “world fever”.Have you noticed how common it is to find cat and dog on trips and outings? Whether at the hotel or even at a tourist spot?

It is because tutors are including animals on their travels. But many still do not travel with pets because they are unaware of what care or measures to take and feel insecure. So we will explain how to travel with animals.

If you haven’t traveled with your dog and cat yet, give it a try. Of course, we do not recommend taking this test for an international trip right away … the secret is to start slowly.

First Tips for Traveling With Animals

Before deciding whether to take your little friend along on the trip, take into account his behavior . If the dog does not like to get out of the routine, is not comfortable with noises and strangers, start slowly or prefer to leave him out of the trip.

First Tips for Traveling With Animals

In these cases, it is better for the dog to be in the care of someone who trusts (or in a small hotel), than to find the trip strange and come back stressed and sick.

This is a reality that, unfortunately, can happen. The same goes for cats, who are even more attached to routine .

Therefore, observe and know the behavior of the animals very well before making any choice. If you really want to travel with animals, start slowly, with walks and trips nearby for them to get used to. And another thing, as cool as it is to travel with them, you need to know that you will have extra care .

Of course, a trip with animals is a little out of the routine of a regular trip, without any pets. It is the same as a trip with children , it is extremely possible to travel with them, but the style of travel changes a little.

So, for example, there is no point in taking the dog and cat to travel with you and simply leaving him in the hotel room. Adapt your trip so that your pet can also enjoy.

Essential Items to Take With Animals

We have created a list with very important items for you to separate and do not forget to take with you to the trip with your pet:

  • Collar: It is used for non-pet animals, such as zoo animals and livestock. It is normally used for large animals.
  • Ration: It depends on the type of animals. It contains energy to maintain the body.
  • Walkways: It is a shelves used for the animals
  • Clothes: (if it’s in a colder season)
  • Brushes: To maintain hair health
  • Toys: It needs to play with the animals
  • Feeders & Drinkers
  • Medications he usually uses

It is recommended to take the items that the animal is used to so that he does not feel total strangeness and thus feel more comfortable.

Regarding the necessary documentation, it is necessary to issue the CVI (International Veterinary Certificate) and the Passport for Transit of Dogs and Cats, issued by Federal Agricultural Auditors of the International Agricultural Surveillance Units (VIGIAGRO), of the Ministry of Agriculture .

Traveling by Plane With Pets

The first step in traveling with pets is to decide the date. When booking, you must inform the airline of the situation. Each company has its own policy, but it is usually not possible to book the pet through the website. After purchasing your ticket, call customer service and inform that you will be accompanied by an animal.

Travelling With Pets

The transport of the animal will only be confirmed under certain conditions such as:

  • Space availability
  • Type of animal and weight of the same plus the transport box
  • Airplane type
  • Cabin chosen by the passenger;
  • Compliance with health regulations in the country of origin.

Each company has its specifications regarding the weight limit allowed in the cabin, but in most cases, the transport box and animal together must not exceed 10 kg .

It is also necessary to pay attention to the size specified for the carrier, as it must fit under the chair and still comfortably house the pet. This requirement is only waived for assistance animals, such as guide dogs.

Remember that only dogs and cats travel in the cabin. The transport of other animals, even if under 10 kg, is only allowed in the hold and if all the requirements mentioned above are met.

And speaking of traveling in the hold, there is also a weight limit for animals dispatched on passenger flights. The maximum is around 45 kg and may vary according to the company. If this value is exceeded, then contact the  cargo service for transportation related services while travelling with pets.

Is It Safe to Travel in The Hold of The Plane?

Traveling apart from your pet can be a bit of a fear and completely understandable. It gives a certain chill just to imagine that the pet goes in the same compartment as the suitcases. But in reality, these are more of a myth, as animals do not travel “in the luggage rack.

Traveling by Plane With Pets

The airlines guarantee that the place is completely safe . The transport boxes, which again must comply with the company’s specifications, are placed in a ventilated area , pressurized and  prepared for the trip. So there is no need to worry.

Tutors must take into account the flight time and provide food and water for the entire journey , since it is not possible to have access to the animal even during connections.

The Next Steps

After the date of shipment is confirmed, it is necessary to deal with the animal’s documentation. The process can be even more laborious and time-consuming than a visa application.

So it is essential to do everything well in advance. The traveler must reserve at least 120 days to resolve the situation of his pet before the trip, including trips to the vet, vaccinations and obtaining certificates.

One of the first things to do is to check the requirements of the destination country. This can be done at the consulate or embassy there. On the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, it is also possible to consult the lists of some nations.

Some are quite strict and others relatively more flexible, but there are always common requirements. Then, the tutor must take the list of specifications to the veterinarian so that he can evaluate the next steps and provide guidance.

Traveling by Car With Animals

Car trips tend to be smoother, because the vehicle is already better known among animals.

Traveling by Car

Remember that cats and small dogs must be transported in the back seat of the car, inside a suitably sized transport box! Medium and large dogs can be taken in the back seat with the same care or in the trunk open by car.

Traveling by Bus With Animals

To travel by bus with animals, if you are in the country, you need to issue a document that proves the  animal’s good condition  , a health certificate issued by a veterinarian (a). For international trips, the International Zoosanitary Certificate (CZI) is required, which can be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Traveling by Bus

Don’t forget to provide a nice transport box for traveling with your pet.

It is important to point out that the law does not apply to public transport, (buses that circulate within cities), which have different rules in each municipality. It is only valid for intercity buses.

Traveling by Ship with Animals

Airlines generally do not allow passengers to board animals of any species or size. The exceptions are for trained dogs that guide the visually impaired.

Traveling by Ship

On the Queen Elizabeth 2 ship of the Cunard Line, there is a kennel and passengers can take their pets. The transportation fee is varied for dogs, cats and birds based upon their travelling modes.

Traveling by Train With Animals

Conditions for transporting animals vary according to the train company and the country’s legislation. Some companies do not allow passengers to board animals of any kind or size. In others, small animals can travel for free, and larger ones pay half the second-class fare.

Taveling by Train

The animals must be in special containers or with a collar and muzzle. Dogs that serve as a guide for the visually impaired are usually accepted in the wagons without paying additional fees.

Traveling by Bike with Dog

You don’t have to leave your dog at home when you go out to ride a bike. First for the simple fact that he is your best and most sincere friend, second because he also needs exercise periodically and third, but not least, is that if you abandon your pet at home he can become depressed.

Traveling by Bike

Most people do not take their dogs for walks due to insecurity, fear of causing some damage to the health of the animal, but this can be avoided if you take some care. We have listed some good practices that can help you break this taboo and build a happy and healthy habit.

Have a Bike According to The Environment Where You Will Ride

If you are going on a different tour, it is good that your bike is in accordance with the environment. If you go to the mountain, your bike must have the appropriate mountain equipment, if you go to the park, the same thing must be done, and so on. Do not forget that you will be pedaling for two and care must be doubled. Pay attention to the curves, because you need to know which side your dog is on to avoid an accident.

Choose a Flashy Collar

The best collar option for your pet is the one that has bright and flashy colors. Especially if you like night cycling. This attitude helps to make you more visible in the event of an unforeseen event during the tour.


If your pet does not already have a nameplate, you are being negligent with his care. It’s the same as not having an identity card. The first step is to get one, and fast. After that, just apply it to the collar and, ALWAYS go out with your dog, make sure it is there.

Take Care of Who is By Your Side And Make Them Stay There

Although the most common method is to guide the dog with the same hand that holds the handlebars, it is important to know that this practice is dangerous and should be avoided. It only takes a blink of an eye to lose control and the ride becomes an embarrassment. 

One option is to use an accessory like the  Cycleash , which allows you to attach your dog to the left side of the bike near the rear wheel axle. Thus, you guide the bike using both hands, in addition to preventing the dog from  getting into the front of the bike without even wanting to. It is recommended for medium or large dogs, over 10 kg and in good physical condition.

The Smaller The Dog, The Greater The Care

Those with small dogs know how difficult it is to keep pace. These figurines are extremely agitated and disperse easily. In these cases, an excellent option is to put them in a basket. Today you can find specialized baskets to carry your pet that include soft materials, covers or seat belts for a comfortable and safe trip.


Trailers work well for small to medium sized businesses. Not to mention that older dogs can enjoy a spectacular walk without making any effort. That way, they walk around, don’t stay depressed at home and you do your part in keeping your health up to date.

This option also works if you have a dog that is sick. That way, you (and he) don’t have to stay home all the time. Experts point out that sick dogs need to walk, breathe fresh air and get sun so that their condition does not get worse.

Extra Tips for Traveling with Animals

When making your accommodation reservation, make sure the hotel accepts dogs and cats. Never forget to have the vaccines up to date , according to the region, state or country you are going to travel. And, of course, take the vaccination card.

Regardless of traveling by plane, bus or car, you need to take the animal to the vet first and check if the vaccines, dewormer and fleas are up to date. Ask your doctor for a health certificate.

Traveling with Your Twister / Mecol Mouse

When thinking about having pets, it is necessary to analyze all points before making a decision. A mouse, for example, needs attention at all times, so it is not advisable to leave it alone for a long time, even if it has another mouse to keep it company or enough food for a month. 

Despite all this, sometimes traveling or spending time away from home is necessary, which is why I bring these tips today.

1) Trust.

First of all, it is necessary that your pet trusts you enough not to panic during the “walk”. Obviously, the first few times, he will be scared to be something new.

This is completely normal and very acceptable, as they are strange to the environment. But, if your pet doesn’t trust you, neither will you be able to reassure him, and that will be a problem.

If it is necessary to take them right at the beginning of your relationship, go back a few posts and follow the steps on relationships with rats.

2) Transport Cage.

We know that these animals need large accommodation, where they will spend all (or almost) the days of their lives. But, in order to travel safely, you will need a suitable transport cage, preferably not too small.

The ideal is one like the one in the photo (in relation to the size), as they will have space to sleep, eat and play. And above all, they will be safe in the vehicle.

3) Distraction. 

It is important that pets have enough things to distract them at least during the trip. I, for example, leave rolls of toilet paper, bottle caps, sunflower seeds … Things that will help to pass the time without unnecessary stress.

4) Souvenirs From Home.

Animals are more attached to our home than we are, so I try to make the transport cage look like the one they have at home. For this reason, the hammock they use to sleep at home is the same as the hammock they use in the transport cage. 

5) Food.

It should be basically the same, with a few exceptions. We know that leaving the house, most of the time, will stress the animal. So take a treat, give snacks and fruits or vegetables that your animals like. And above all, keep food and water always fresh so that they can eat and drink whenever they feel the need.

To read more to learn about mustard-good-or-bad-for-dogs

6) Freedom and Fun.

And last but not least, if you have the opportunity wherever you are, leave your pets free, drop them in a safe room or on a bed and play with them. They miss it and it does very well.

Each Animal is Different and Will Behave Differently

You don’t have to be neurotic with this information, ok? It is no use being extremely radical that you will not be able to enjoy the trip well.

Regardless of the trip it is always good to be informed to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Remember that the planning, adaptation of the animal and compliance with the rules are fundamental to everything going well.

A little bit of lightness always goes well, but care is important. With games, patience and love your trip will be special with your four-legged friend. After all, it is enough to know how to travel with animals, as it is not a seven-headed bug just follow the rules and everything will be fine.

Benefits of Spending Holidays With The Pet

Where the summer is arriving in the upcoming season, all of us who plan to take some vacations away from home are faced with the conflict about what to do with that faithful pet that accompanies us throughout the year, and that on many occasions, we cannot take with us. However, before you decide, we want to show you that there are multiple benefits of spending holidays with pets, and then we will review some of them.

For example, different studies have shown that the fact of facing the rest period with our pet reduces the tension that usually occurs in these cases since it manages to devote extra time to enjoy the outdoors. That way we release the famous endorphins, which are the ones that end up relaxing.

On the other hand, if you feel that you need the holidays yes or yes because routine and stress are taking you ahead, we recommend that you bet on this solution, since as you will surely know, nature and animals allow a connection with our more natural being, and you will even come back appreciating issues that you might not have considered before.

Also, especially for families, bringing pets can be ideal in that it allows them to obtain a better quality of timeshare. It is known that dogs especially unite people, and that is why if you take it on vacation, you will see increased hours of the day you spend with all your loved ones.

Then, if you have a quiet pet, the number of activities you can do with it is also important, and in that sense we can mention some such as walking in parks or squares, shopping with another member of the family that Stop him if we enter a place, or even take a car ride.


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