Different Types of Safety Glasses with Their Unique Features

Different Types of Safety Glasses with Their Unique Features

Commonly, most people consider the word safety glasses as plastic specs with clear lenses that protect from some hazard things. But the fact about safety eyewear is that they are the safety gears for a wide range of activities from sporting to the medical lab and everything that lie in between.

If you are very curious about the uses of safety specs, you are in the right place. At this place, you will be introduced many different things about safety eyewear that can use and their specific features of all kinds of eyewear.

1  Photochromic safety eyewear:

Everyone hates to wear prescription safety glasses with clear or tinted lenses. If they wear clear lenses, they cannot go for outdoor and if they wear tinted lenses, they cannot wear for indoor activities. In these situations, they have to switch their glasses for new lightening conditions.

You need some extra protection that can manage all lightening conditions. What do you think about photochromic safety eyewear that will provide you a new shade? You must invest in photochromic eyewear that will make your life easier. Why photochromic lenses? With the photochromic lenses, the lenses will change their shades automatically that you have to do nothing.

You can find high-quality eyewear with photochromic lenses that will change the shade according to the amount of light within eight seconds. When you need clear lenses, the lenses will adjust the shade just in 35 seconds. Such kind of lenses is made to respond to UV light and change the shades with several light conditions. Besides lens specialty, the eyewear is ANSI Z97.1 certified and can block 99.9% UV rays with an anti-scratch coating.

2 Warden safety glasses:

These RX safety glasses are multipurpose specs and generally used in multiple industries from construction site to tree trimming and many more. The lenses of such kind of glasses are larger and wider than regular eyewear with better eyes protection.

Instead of a larger lens than traditional lenses, they are lightweight than other kinds of safety eyewear. Besides the excellent peripheral view, the lenses provide durable protection because of polycarbonate material using.

The lenses are available in various lens shades Smokey gray and clear lenses with enhanced silver AR. They exceed the ANSI Z87.1 standard with comfortable nose pads that provide a non-slip and secure grip. They are lightweight with comfortable earpieces that allow you to work for many hours.

3 Forensic glasses:

If you are working in a forensic lab, you need a pair of ANSI safety glasses that are designed for forensic tasks. The investigator better to see when uses UV lamp with forensic glasses and these glasses are essential in many cases.

Though different kind of forensic glasses is needed according to a different scenario. Some factors could influence on kinds of forensic eyewear when you have to inspect different kinds of materials. When an investigator doesn’t want to glare, they require forensic eyewear to filter that reflected light.

Three colors options can use in the lenses while working in a forensic lab like red, orange, and yellow. You have to choose which one is better for your task.

4 Medical safety glasses:

Medical professional people who work in examination rooms, labs, and many other areas where they have to face a damaging light. For this reason, they need a safety spec for eyes protection. Medical safety eyewear keeps the harmful light away while improving vision. The good thing about medical eyewear that you can get such kind of glasses at a quite reasonable price.

That could be a long term investment. Medical safety specs come with specific safety features like anti-fog coating, glare reduction, military-grade quality, durable, lenses, and frames should be of polycarbonate materials. Such kind of safety glasses can wear for a long time.

It would be better to invest in medical safety specs that must be non-slippery nose piece and rubberized temple bar. 3m prescription safety glasses are also available for all kinds of fields.

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