Best 5 UK Virtual Phone Number Provider in 2020

Best 5 UK Virtual Phone Number Provider in 2020

The kind of name and fame that the work-from-home model has got in the year 2020 is significant. Though the reasons behind it are not something to rejoice upon, the year 2020 let the whole world believe in the viability and utility of work-from-home or virtual workplace. 

When we talk about work-from-home, mention of virtual telephony is a must as this is the only resource that made this effortless, uninterrupted, and streamlined. Businesses of all kinds are able to maintain a thriving growth curve because of this tool only. 

If you’re a business looking for the right kind of UK virtual phone number then this post is what you must refer to as contains comprehensive research on the UK’s leading virtual telephony service provider. This article tries to throw light on the key attributes of each service provider, weigh down the offerings, and make efforts to enlighten the end-users at multiple fronts. 

So, scroll down and find out the best UK virtual phone number providers that you can trust in 2020 and beyond. 

#1 – Call Hippo – The Real Game Changer 


CallHippo has become the household name when cloud telephony is concerned. Though it’s the new market player, it has managed to gain the trust of over 5000+ customers soon after its inception.  

The power-packed feature suite, impeccable compatibility, and flawless service delivery have earned it a distinction at the global level. 

All kinds of VoIP-based UK phone numbers are available at Call Hippo and can be purchased in a cost-effective deal. Apart from the conventional cloud telephony feature such as call recording, call transferring, Call Hippo offers some cut-above business features as well. 

For instance, Global Connect and Call Barging. These features can be added easily to your regular plan. Through its user-friendly interface is easy to use, Call Hippo offers highly impressive customer care support. 

Plus Points

  • CRM Integration – Call Hippo stands peerless at this front. Zendesk, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Slack, and whatnot. 

You will get tired of counting but its CRM integration will hardly end. And it’s its biggest point. 

Because of its extensive integration only, Call Hippo has managed to endow its customers with simplified operations across multiple platforms. A clear 50% hike in productivity was noticed. 

  • Smart call forwarding 
  • User-friendly interface 

Minus Points 

Based on the recent reviews, the only problem with CallHippo is the slow performance of its mobile app. But, this isn’t the case in every scenario. Hence, it’s manageable. 

Final verdict

CallHippo is the ideal choice to make for small businesses and start-ups as it offers a plethora of features at a very affordable cost. 

#2 – Grasshopper 


Grasshopper is what one can trust one the need for simple and straightforward UK phone numbers arises. Being a key market player in the industry, Grasshopper’s services are impeccable and highly customized. 

A business can get a local or toll-free phone number with a 1-800 prefix for its UK based business from Grasshopper. It also includes an automated attendant and text messaging. Pricing starts at $20 per month for one user on an annual basis. Grasshopper is the best overall choice because it offers the best balance of affordability and functionality while also being exceptionally easy to use.

Plus points 

In each subscription plan, a local or toll-free phone number facility is available. 

Minus point 

Its virtual fax facility is run-of-mill. One must be ready to face glitches. 

Final verdict

Grasshopper has the ideal balance of functionality and affordability. If you’re a solopreneurs or teams of up to 15 people then it’s the ideal choice to make. 

#3 – Nextiva 


Nextiva is a leading UK virtual number service provider that one can trust when comprehensive business communication is the need of the hour. It lays its claim on 99.9% uptime which is commendable and makes its ideal choice for all kinds of business. 

Plus points 

Its analytical tools are very handy and advantageous. 

Minus point 

No free trial. 

Final verdict 

Nextiva’s first-class calling features are more than ordinary and are here to make operations easier than ever. 

#4 – RingCentral 


RingCentral is a trusted name in the world of virtual telephony. Whether you need a UK virtual phone number or require comprehensive call center software, RingCentral has solutions for all your cloud telephony needs. 

Plus points 

Its national and local business directory listings are a huge plus point.

Minus point 

Fewer scaling opportunities

Final verdict 

If having advanced internal and external communication is what you seek, RingCentral can be trusted.

#5 – MightyCall 


For a feature-packed VoIP telephony solution, MightyCall can be relied upon. With a wide range of integrations, it has the ability to streamline operations at multiple fronts. 

It’s easy to implement and can be accessed from any data-driven device. It’s a highly responsive virtual receptionist system that you can choose for your business. 

Plus point 

  • VIP and blacklist call routing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Minus point 

Limited days free trial period. 

Final Verdict 

With 1,000 free calling minutes, MightyCall is the right choice to make for small businesses. 


Virtual telephony is the future and the sooner a business makes amends with this the better it would be. All the five options that we discuss here are made for the future and can be trusted easily. 

However, nothing can beat CallHippo at pricing and CRM integration fronts. It excels here. So, make the right choice considering your operational needs and requirements.


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