4 Best VPNs You Can Use On Multiple Devices

4 Best VPNs You Can Use On Multiple Devices

Working online has become common now, and so have problems like data hacking, phishing scams, third-party surveillance, malware, etc. To combat these problems, a virtual private network (VPN) is the best application you can download to keep you safe while you are online.

It allows you access to block content and regionally blocked sites. You can enjoy your favorite streaming shows through a VPN in your region. By VPN, you can use the internet ambiguously; for example, you can convert a video from youtube to mp3 without showing your physical presence on the site.

If you run an office or have multiple devices at home, VPN is required in all of them to keep you safe from hacking and surveillance. To avail VPN services on various devices, you have to purchase a subscription that allows this function. This article will name some VPNs that can be used on multiple devices and have helpful and beneficial features.


CyberGhost allows connection to seven devices simultaneously. It is available at an affordable price so people can enjoy its robust security features. You can easily install it and access 6,600+ worldwide sites. You can watch shows from anywhere globally through Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and more.

You can protect your online activity through CyberGhost. It has excellent security features that prevent a hacker from stealing your browsing data and other information. 


Using ExpressVPN, you can connect five devices and by using a router app,you can connect to more devices simultaneously. It has a Smart Location Feature that allows quick download speeds for streaming on your device.

You can avail of the option of choosing to browse anonymously and normally both. You can decide which site to access through a VPN and which one to use without it. It protects your private web traffic from interference and censorship.

Private Internet Access:

When you subscribe to Private Internet Access, you can operate it on ten devices simultaneously. Its encryption features allow you to secure your online activity.  You can get access to your favorite shows on streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and more without any geographical restrictions. It works with unlimited bandwidth and fast speed.

If you want to access the internet as an anonymous user, you can use Private Internet Access. It has a kill switch that disconnects your internet connection if VPN fails to protect; this helps protect your identity and information.


SurfShark allows connection to several devices at the same time. It is budget-friendly, and its use is best for small offices or at home with many electronic devices. Surfshark performs with great speed and allows access to regionally blocked content in Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and ShowTime.

It has excellent security features as well. You can protect your online activity through an automatic kill switch and strict no-logging policy to stop your information from storing and leaking to a third party. You can use Surfshark for your Android, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, iOS, and more.


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