How to Take Care of Your Wedding Hair Accessory, Here Have Some Tips Advice

How to Take Care of Your Wedding Hair Accessory, Here Have Some Tips Advice

There are a number of options when you choose your wedding hair accessories, so you might be finding it difficult to decide exactly what you want to wear in your hair. So I’m going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of certain bridal hair accessories.

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Such as The range of bridal hair headbands is growing every day as more and more brides are opting for this easy to wear bridal hair accessory. Their main advantage is that they work with hair being pinned up or left loose and can easily be slipped on to the head. But if you’re looking for your bridal hair accessories to make a huge impact then a simple headband might not be for you.

Take your acid-free tissue paper and gently wrap your headpiece. If your bridal hair accessory is one that conforms to the head, try wrapping a Styrofoam® ball in acid-free paper or mould the tissue into a ball to rest your headpiece on for support and to keep its shape. Once you have the piece wrapped, place it in the box and add more tissue to keep it from shifting.

If storing a veil place sheets of acid-free tissue paper between the layers.

When storing your wedding hair accessories it is important to find a sturdy acid-free box to place them in. If you are keeping your pieces tucked away in a closet or under a bed, there is a chance that the box may be inadvertently placed under other items and squished. Having a box with a strong frame will help prevent your pieces from being distorted under crushing weight.

Stash it 

Once the accessory is secure in the box, store it in a dry dark place, such as under the bed or a closet. Avoid areas with humidity and temperature extremes such as attics and basements. Also steer clear of garages as mildew and pests may make its way into the box and cause damage.

Protect the boxes from dust with old sheets, you should avoid plastic as it may lead to condensation and cause mildew.

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