What Is The Customization We Can Do To A Crystal Awards?

The corporate world is always in search of the ways to recognise their employees and customers in unique ways to hit their multiple goals such as improve productivity through recognition by distributing awards of trophies over set achievements, increase the loyalty of employees and customers, and improve performance in market competition.

Why Crystals?

Unlike Olympic like big sports events, corporate worlds looking for cheaper and completely customised solution for the creation of their awards, perpetual trophies, and plaques. Expensive awards used in sports, cultural, religious, and government events are mostly made up of costly metals like gold, silver, and bronze. Design diversities are limited in those expensive awards.

Against it, corporate awards demand cheaper solutions with enough room for design options and varieties to be unique in many aspects. Therefore, crystal awards are the best choice in this regard.

Glass vs. Crystal

Many of us have confusion between the glass and crystal. Let me explain it. Crystal is a sub-category of glass with standard configuration marks. Crystal used to consist of more than 24% lead, 2.90 density, and 1.545 reflective indexes.

Atomic structure of the crystal arranged in an ordered pattern in 3D space. Therefore, the crystal has natural beauty and some distinct properties to choose it for besides advertising steak of glasses. Those properties are softness and malleability that allow engraving of custom design and desired to morph.

Thus, crystal awards manufacturing becomes the most economical and versatile option in awards design industry. It has the shortest lead time ranging from two weeks to ten weeks depending on complexities in design involved.

Advantages of Crystals in Awards Making

Now, we know that crystals are the best choice for quick and economic customisation of your corporate awards. Let’s see how crystals are offering customisation advantages in designing your awards and trophies for your organisation.

Sub-surface Engraving – Engraving a 2D Image on the Surface or Within Crystal Awards



For metallic awards, you have only one option for engraving a design, and it is on the surface. Against it, crystals are translucent (almost transparent) body to allow under the exterior surface engraving of a design that enhances the beauty of your awards.


Floating – Engraving a 3D Image within Crystal Awards

Besides flat or 2D design, crystal also allows 3D model created within the body of awards. It gives a floating effect of an object that gives a different and unique perspective from different angles.




Combo Engraving

It is not compulsory to engrave only 2D or 3D image with the same crystal award. You can apply both techniques at a time and get unique results from the combination of both techniques.




Imprinted Color Images

Crystal awards offer the opportunity to engrave anything you or your corporate body wants including texts, multiple images, logos and all in 2D as well as 3D effects.

Moreover, you can infuse various colours in crystal body during manufacturing or engraving process and get 2D and 3D hues of colours.

Unique Ideas for Leveraging Crystal Awards in Corporate Events

Now, we know various properties of crystals and engraving options well. Let’s see where we can apply these all to augment the corporate award design experiences.

Advertise Products or Services in Crystal Awards Design

For a corporate business, its products or services have great significance, and you can leverage it by advertising it in crystal award design. It grants a perceived value and cachet to the business and its awards.

You can embed a 3D model of the product within the award or engrave the award itself in the shape of the product. Similarly, you can display your services on the surface or sub-surface of awards and give your awards a unique look beside advertising it.

Display Models or Symbol of Product or Business on Crystal Awards

If you don’t want to base design with exact product or service of your corporation, you can use a model or symbol that truly can represent your products or services. It has some distinct advantages for the business itself.

Make Corporate Logo a Design of Crystal Award

Corporate logo or brand symbol is an actual identity of the business and represent business righteously. Therefore, many creative crystal awards designers go to shape the award itself in the form of a business logo and place texts associated with events or purpose of the award.

It is the best branding effort to leverage the awards or trophies internally as well as externally through media coverage.

A Fix Unique Image of Event in Crystal Award

We know engraving an image with desired colours and hues in 2D or even 3D format is possible for a crystal award designer. Therefore, some corporate houses using the image of various celebrations or events like starting a joint venture or making a big deal of engraving into their various crystal awards and make moments memorable forever.

Design Crystal Award Based on Special Theme

We used to give awards for achievements, milestones, and recognition of a personality or event. Some of these purposes or events have distinct themes that help designers to represent it/event appropriately and adequately.

Similarly, business or corporate has a theme or product based theme, and they run branding or marketing campaign according to that theme. You can use that business theme in design or your crystal awards and bring uniqueness as well as glory in it.


Each organisation and business in Australia opt for unique and customised awards to use for various purposes. Crystal awards are the most economical and flexible option to meet bespoke needs of a range of clients coming from the diverse industries and business niches.

Olympia is a perfect destination for buying trophies online in Brisbane Australia, shop for everything at the best price and lead time. Just give us a try and see the differences we offer from the rests in the industry because we thrive in the niche since 1963 and gain immense experiences and expertise in designing crystal awards for corporates and others.


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