Why India is immensely popular for medical tourism?

Why India is immensely popular for medical tourism?

Medical tourism means travelling to another country for healthcare in a pocket friendly price in short interval of time. In earlier times when people from developing countries traveled to developed countries was called medical tourism. But with changing times the scenario has reversed.

India a growing medical tourism industry

Today India has gained a lot more importance in terms of medical tourism. This is mainly because

  • India offers quality healthcare facilities to people travelling India for health checkups.
  • India has a widely grown market for medical insurance.
  • The tourism has become pocket friendly.
  • India has the best pharmaceutical industry.

It is estimated by the government that in coming years the health industry is going to grow widely. Huge money has been put on board by big corporations to set up multi speciality hospitals. Government has also extended helping hand in this regards. It has provided all the necessary support to people.

Why India has gained popularity in Medical tourism industry

  • Pocket friendly

The reason India has gained popularity is the fact that medical tourism in india is quite affordable. If you compare the medical expenses of other countries with those of India, there will be a huge margin.

  • High quality services

Quality is the most important factor that makes medical tourism popular in India. The doctors employed here are highly expert professionals. Apart from this the hospitals are backed by high quality medical instruments.  The quality of services is never compromised in India.

  • Infrastructure

Highly professional doctors with amazing medical care services are offered here. The services provided here speak of the quality of medical tourism India has. Further the infrastructure facilities these hospitals have make it the best destination for medical tourism. With the advent of technology many new instruments have been introduced. Most of the Indian hospitals have these instruments.

  • Various treatments and therapies

India is one country where every kind of treatment and therapy is available. Many countries do not have such treatments available because of the strict rules and regulations imposed by government.

  • Tourism of India

India is indeed one of the favourite tourist destinations. As a result this increases the number of medical tourists coming to India. Two purposes are solved this way.

Other factors

  • India does not have any language barrier. Today English has become a widely spoken language in India. Thus foreign patients never Feel any language barrier when travelling to India.
  • In India medical tourists are granted visa very easily. India does not have strict policies regarding issuing of visa unlike other countries.
  • Patients do not have to wait for many months in India for medical care.
  • Patients can choose from various available options. They need not to choose old ways of treatments.

Thus it can be seen that India is widely popular in terms of medical tourism. There is still huge scope of growth of this tourism. Stronger strategies implemented by government can further help in strengthening the medical tourism in India.


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