Work From Home Monitoring and Productivity in 2021

Work From Home Monitoring and Productivity in 2021

Working time is the time during which an employee performs his professional duties for a certain fee. It is this resource that the employer “buys”. According to Peter Drucker, you can only manage what you can measure, which is why many managers seek to control the working time of employees.

Accounting is carried out in different ways – from simple marks on a paper report card to computer programs that collect statistics, remember visited sites, take screenshots and form the cost of the project themselves.

To choose an accounting system, the owner must decide which factor is the main one for him. When it comes to cargo transportation, the optimal solution would be movement monitoring, in production – video surveillance. It is important not only to record indicators, but also to analyze them: how much time an employee spends on a work task, how often he is distracted and why, whether he has overwork. These data are needed not only for assessing the work of personnel, but also for planning, making management decisions, building an effective system of work

Gartner conducted a survey that found that 88% of business organizations worldwide had authorized all their employees to work from home. Buffer survey shows that at least 98% of remote workers would like to continue working remotely.

The production calendar should be the basis for planning the work schedule. It reflects all public holidays, work day shifts, standard working hours for different operating modes. Why is this needed? Work on weekends and holidays is double paid, overtime is also subject to additional pay. On the basis of the production calendar, the operating mode is formed: shift schedule, timesheets.

Time tracking software and services

Employees work productively about three hours a day, British scientists have found. The rest of the time is spent browsing social networks, reading the news and communicating with colleagues. To find out what exactly an employee is doing during working hours, a special program is installed on his computer.

Accounting services and programs automate control. They take into account computer time, idle time since the last mouse move, open documents and running applications without distracting the employee. They can be used to generate reports on time use in the form of charts or tables.

It becomes easier for the manager to analyze the workload of subordinates and plan work. The data is stored as long as needed, at any time you can see who was doing what. Some programs allow you to take a screenshot of your desktop or a webcam.

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