How to choose the best HRIS technology according to the company needs

How to choose the best HRIS technology according to the company needs

How it would be if you get everything related to HRIS in your hand? 

Yes, it is possible through single HRIS technology. It will make your corporate life better and easier. It’s really nice to have something like this.  

HRIS software in Bangladesh is a common buzzword. Many companies are adopting web-based HRIS software in Bangladesh. The companies really need to know how to select the best HRIS technology. 

Here are some of the steps need to be followed to select an effective and efficient HRIS technology according to company needs.

Step 1: Primary evaluation: 

At first, the company must decide whether the selection will be done by company HR management or some outside expert. It is highly challenging for the small HR departments to handle day to day office work and HRIS technology at the same time. So, appointing an outside expert to select the best HRIS technology on their behalf would be a good option. 

Step 2: Determining the company needs:

At this point, the HR team will decide what they want and what the company needs. The team will now specify the features they want from HRIS technology. Some companies may put a payroll module of first. Applicant tracking system, time or attendance system, performance management system are some of the technologies that might be determined by the company. It completely depends on the company’s needs. In the second step, the company must decide what the company needs. The new applicants might look for the benefits a company provides. So it also can be a good addition for many companies.

Step 3: Assessing available technologies:

After determining the list of needs 0r requirements then the management should develop criteria for rating to measure the limitations and offering they might get from the products available. 

The requirements can look like the following: 

  • Reporting capabilities, custom, and standard 

  • Applicant tracking

  • Job and pay history

  • Total costs

  • Training management

  • Integration with payroll system 

  • Performance management

  • Succession Planning

Step 4: Form a committee

In this step, you have to form a committee to direct the project. The members of the committee will ensure quality. The whole project will be conducted under the close observation of the committee members. 

Step 5: Call for a bid

Then you have to call for a bid where there will be a detailed request for proposals (RFP). 

The seller should be up to the mark in meeting the minimum requirements.  Project specifications like minimum requirements, budgetary limitations, implementation schedule, and your company information should be included in the RFP. The company must provide RFP’s to at least 5 vendors so that they can be assured. Some vendors may not be able to provide all you need. 

Step 6: Evaluate vendor’s demonstrations

When the responses will come then select at least 3 vendors to come to the office and show their demonstration so that you can evaluate their products. Your expected needs and system complexity may have an effect on the time length. The company has to make sure that all the members of the committee are present at the demonstration. They will ask relevant questions to the bidders. The committee members should explore any difficulty that might raise the problem. After the meeting, the committee members will meet with themselves to select the product. They will share the results, score with each other. Members will discuss the pros and cons of the technology they found. They will shortlist the vendor they want to work with. 

Step 7: Things to consider: 

To get the highest return on investment you have to make the best choice. Because of this, the committee will consider the below-mentioned points so that they can choose the best HRIS technology in Bangladesh. It will help them choose a fully satisfactory HRIS technology. 

  • Tools of collaboration

  • Benefits

  • Employee self-service

  • Applicant tracking 

  • Planning for compensation and succession

  • Time/attendance tracking

  • Social recruiting

  • Performance management

  • Mobile access 

Step 8: Questions to ask before selection:

  • Is it budget-friendly?

  • Does it offer the system to meet the need?

  • Does it have good variation?

  • Will it help to have the best return on investment?

  • Are there enough options for the manager and employees?

Step 9: Final Selection 

After making a shortlist of vendor then you have to come to a final decision. Here you have to collect a brochure showing who is using their product currently. Getting all the data in hand you have to call another final meeting with the committee members to discuss one last time about the requirements and the features available in the vendor’s products. They will again review the results. They will compare all the vendors with each other to come to the final decision. This will make the selection process easier. 

Following all these steps you can easily choose the best HRIS technology for your company according to needs. This will be very helpful for any organization. HRIS technology is becoming very vital for the corporate world now a day. So selecting a perfect HRIS technology will be a major task.  These steps can help a company choose the best HRIS technology for them.

Maqsood Rahman

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