How to Effectively Detox Your Body and Get Back on the Health Track?

How to Effectively Detox Your Body and Get Back on the Health Track?

In the race of life, nobody has time for themselves. We go about every day, immersed in sedentary work, consuming ready-to-eat food, and breathing in polluted, smoke-ridden air. What’s the side effect of this lifestyle? Toxicity seeping into the body, leading towards constant degeneration.

When was the last time you even gazed at a green vegetable? Or stretched your body through yoga?


If you weren’t satisfied by your answers, you need to pause everything. Put yourself first, cleanse your body, and unlock your energies. How can you do that? By using the following detoxification measures outlined below.

Let a Smoothie Replace a Meal

When your hungry, sometimes it is tempting to order a pizza and to devour it all in one go. But think of the carbs involved. They’re enough to clog up your arteries and hinder a healthy blood flow, giving rise to harmful toxins in your body. So it’s best to keep your diet balanced, with every nutrient being ingested in a perfect ratio. This can be achieved if you skip a meal and replace it with a healthy smoothie. There are many variations, like fruit-based smoothies with banana and pineapple chunks, or purely green smoothies with kale and spinach. Add protein powder and yogurt if you wish. Get creative and  healthy at the same time!

Maintain Constant Hydration

A human body is mostly made up of water. As such, it constantly requires liquids to keep everything flowing, to properly digest food particles, to wash your organs, and to flush out toxins from the body. In our busy lives, we’re dehydrated most of the time. It’s time we focused on adequately hydrating ourselves and reinvigorating our suppressed energies. The following hydrating variations can be adopted:


  • Juices: Any combination can be selected depending on the particular deficiency. You can go for lemon, carrot, orange, mint, apple cider, ginger, apple, raspberry, and more.
  • Teas: Make it a habit to take tea in the afternoon, because it’s a great detoxifying source. The best types are dandelion, jasmine, and green tea.
  • Water: At least 16 ounces of it per day. You can go for flavoured water, like coconut – just keep drinking it regularly. It will improve metabolism and keep you refreshed 24/7.


Do a Daily Workout

Nobody has time for exercise these days. I can totally understand that. But I’m not asking you to head over to a gym to undertake intensive training. If you do that, great. But if you can’t spare the time for that, just a ten-minute workout in the vicinity of your home or office is a perfect way to break a sweat. Exercising on a regular basis builds up your heart rate, which in turn pumps up your blood flow, and makes the sludgy toxins move out of your body. There are thousands of tutorials on the internet and TV you can look at if you’ve got a subscription to Comcast Internet and Xfinity Tv. Let the online trainer lead you on your workout journey.

Go Full-on Organic

Today’s world is overruled by processed foods – chemically engineered, mass produced, and packaged in plastic. Most of it is very unhealthy, yet processed foods are found in nearly every home. We’re addicted to them because they save time and energy. However, it’s time to bid them goodbye, and to begin feasting on foods full of natural goodness. Organic foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, are not only beneficial for human bodies, but better for the environment as well. Give them a try, and rebuild your energy!

Dial Down on the Sugar

What’s so special about sugar-induced “sweetness?” It is directly linked to happiness. For example, if you’re going through a tough break, ice cream will ease up the process. Or if a dark and dull day spreads gloom all around, a freshly baked pie will ward it off. But what are the side effects of this sugar consumption? Obesity, increased risk of heart attack, diabetes, and more. You need to cut down on sugars, because they lead to a toxic build-up in your body.


With the aforementioned tips, you can effectively detox your body and regain your health. Remember, health is nothing short of wealth.



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