How to Choose The Best Press Brake?

How to Choose The Best Press Brake?

There are different press brakes in the market and all vary from each other based on the manufacturer as well as the purpose for which they are used.

Therefore, you need to be careful and take your time before you choose to purchase any type of press brake. Here are the 4 most common factors that you should never overlook while buying a press brake.

1. Consider the deflection

The press brake with a capability to get deflected is usually considered. It should exhibit deflection with the bending of the workpiece. How much deflection you want depends on the workpiece. If the workpiece is large, a higher deflection will be required, and vice versa.

2. Consider for which part you want to use press brake:

People buy the press brake because they want to reduce processing. There are various things to be taken on board. For example, you should check the type and thickness of the metal sheet.

The bending capability of the press brake should not be more than 80 tons if the metal sheet to be used is a maximum of 2500mm in thickness.

If there is a need to process a block, then the press brake with the force of 150 tonnes will be required. So, it completely depends on which part you are trying to find the press brake.

3. Consider the type of material:

If you don’t pay attention to the type of material, you are likely to waste your money. Now, bending the force of the press brake also depends on the material.

So, when buying the press brake, you can never ignore the texture and make of the material. For example, the deflection of the carbon sheet is 50% less than that of stainless steel.

If you are using an aluminum sheet, the deflection of the press brake will have to be decreased by 50% as compared to the stainless steel. You can find every kind of press brake at Asset Plant and machinery.

4. Know the requirements of bending accuracy:

This is another very important factor that needs to be paid attention to. Sometimes, a person gets confused between choosing a CNC press brake and a common press brake.

There is a simple solution to this problem. If the bending accuracy requirement is around half a degree, you should get CNC pressing brake for yourself. You can go for a common press brake otherwise.

In simple words, if the bending accuracy is too precise, you will need to choose the press brake with high accuracy and the best performance.


It is very important to choose the press brake wisely. The insight about choosing the press brake of the right type at the right time depends on the experience usually.

However, there are many guides and instructions manuals that help those who don’t have any prior experience about choosing the press brake and want to make a wise decision on the spot.


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